Usb Pen Drive Wont Work!!!???

By Allusivedesign
Jan 30, 2007
  1. I have a problem. after setting up the brand new 8gb pen drive i unplugged it and when i went to use it again i plugged it back in but could not access any of my programs or files. the folders were there however no files or programs? so i formatted the pen drive only to find that another error arose. now (in the attached picture you can see) it reads 0 space and 0 free... is there any way to fix this? another thing, when i try to re-format the drive it gives me an error at the end of the process that windows could not complete the formatting process. please help me out, let me know what i can do!!
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    Where'd you get the drive? Places selling them real cheap or on ebay have a record of selling fakes. If you are sure its not a fake, have you tried it in a different computer or in a different Operating System? We have a Read thread at the top of this forum that deals with flash drive issues:
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    You can also try contacting the manufacturer direclty to ask questions.

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    Go to the website of the manufacturer of the drive. They usually have utilities... If not fixable there, they will nearly always send you a replacement without argument.

    You might try other utilities as well, as 80 percent of all such drives are made by Samsung... SanDisc, Lexar, and so on.
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