USB ports have stopped functioning

By RoccoWoodbridge
Aug 7, 2007
  1. Hey guys

    Last night i was around my computer and i noticed a burning smell , i got up and went to my pc and i smelt something burning. I looked down and noticed that the mouse and keyboard stopped functioning. My assumption was that the usb ports have gone. So i tried plugging the mouse and keyboard into another set of usb ports on my computer. They worked for about an hour before the same thing happend. I noticed the smell again and the mouse and keyboard all of sudden again stopped functioning. So i put them in my last 2 usb ports i had. And today, i noticed a big spark come out of the usb port and the mouse again didnt work.

    I have never gone thru a situation like this. Has someone gone thru any situation like this before?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Nodsu

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    Considering that the keyboard and the mouse were the only common components, it is very likely that you deliberately destroyed all your USB ports with a faulty keyboard or a mouse.

    Read the last anecdote on this page and think about it:

    You can buy a PCI or a PCI-Express add-on USB controller to get some USB ports back. Please try another mouse and a keyboard this time :p
  3. RoccoWoodbridge

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    you know what, the wire on my keyboard had a bad wire or something in it, if the cord would tilt a certain way, the keyboard would shut off. Then if the cord was moved into a different position, it would regain power. But there would be times where it would shut off and turn on for a bout 2 or 3 mins. It would also make that noise on the speakers, you know when a your computer recognizes a usb connection, it would make that noise and then when my keyboard would shut off, it would make that noise and then when it would regain power again, it would make that noise that there was a usb connection again.

    but when this all happened no one was on the computer, no one used the computer for a bout 1 hour before it fried. Could that scenario still occur, even the computer is not in use?

    Hey Nsdou, i noticed the usb port with faulty keyboard which is connected to the expansion usb port is still working. The one that blew yesterday was the usb port in the front of the computer, which the mouse was connected. The mouse is brand new so i dont know what the problem is here. Even if the faulty keyboard was connected to the expansion usb port in the back of the pc, is it possible for usbport in the front of the computer still to blow with a brand new mouse connected to it.

    let me know please as this is begining to frustrate me

    thank you
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