USB ports stopped working

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Jan 12, 2007
  1. I have a AMD Proc and the USB ports all stopped working, or so it would seem. My USB mouse still makes the connect and disconnect sound and works fine. My Ipod, Dig. Cam and Printer do not work now. Inside the Chipset menu in the bios I have ALL 8 USB ports working and I still have nothing, I checked and windows says they're all working in the device manager too, am I missing something, like a driver or something that is not talking properly to the pc or windows? The other USB ports, when I connect something (Like my Ipod) make an internal sound and my ipod will CHARGE but not connect to Itunes, nor will anything other than my mouse for some reason.....any ideaS?
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Usual advice: remove the USB items under Device Manager, reboot..

    Let us know ..

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    just to be safe, i had the same problem once before. Device mananger said everything was working fine. I grabbed my drivers and reinstalled the usb drivers, and everything worked fine. Give that a try.
  4. Bark4Soul

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    Two questions...first to c600, how do I remove em from Device manager? 2nd to Teen, any thoughts on WHICH drivers Id need spec for the USB ports?
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    Just right click in device manager and choose uninstall, do all the USB stuff.

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