USB Root Hub Deleted

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Jun 20, 2006
  1. My son was installing some Canon software for his new Canon Powershot A530 camera. The computer would recognize the camera but couldn't load the drivers for some reason. He then decided he should remove some of the current USB devices using the Device Manager. He stated he deleted three or four items titled "USB Root HUb" Now none of the USB devices I own work (two HP printers and a Maxtor external drive). Also every time I start the computer the New Hardware Found Wizard pops up five times. Each time the hardware is "unknown". When I look at the Device Manager I see a yellow "?" next to "Other devices" and five yellow "?"s intended to Other devices all called "Unknown device". Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Tedster

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    he deleted the drivers for those hardware. Reinstall the drivers.
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    Tedster is referring to the motherboard USB drivers. Did your PC come with mobo drivers on floppies or CD? If not you can go to the mobo manufact. website and download it there.

    If you're running WinXP you could try a system Restore from a date before this happened. Just r click on "My Computer" and select System Restore.

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    Thanks for the reply Kirock........When I saw use system restore, I wondered why I didn't think of that. Anyway tried it and no matter which earlier date I picked it went thru it's motions but in the end stated that it could not return the computer to the date. I'm looking for my mobo box right now....the disks are in it....maybe that will work
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