USB+wire Clamps

By onemorechris
Dec 16, 2004
  1. on most USB wires and computer related wiring are 'Clamps'... metal tube witch the wire conserned wraps around.

    I thought there was some type electronics in them, or something.

    i just got a mini disk player and some opened clamps were in there. in the instructions it said 'if you within the EU these wires are not legal untill you place the provided clamps on these wires'...

    ..they are just metal! what on earth are they for?! They dont seem to connect to the product in any way so i dont see what they add to the product.
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  3. StormBringer

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    They are there to reduce radio and EMF interference. In the US they are usually already installed on the cables of most electronics when you purchase them.
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