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USB wont work. Can someone please help

By CreamyCheeze
Apr 19, 2006
  1. I'm having major problems getting any device to work on my usb ports.

    If anyone has some suggestions?

    my device detection wizard loads the process twice.
    the device will not output. but the program writes to it, and completes that process. I get no error messages, it just behaves as if the function was completed. I had the device working a month ago. It is a Plotter/Cutter.

    I was wondering if my devices may be mismatched in the bios?
    My PCI Device listing is as follows
    0 29 0 8086 2658 1458 2658 0C03 USB 1.1 Host controller 10
    0 29 1 8086 2659 1458 2659 0C03 USB 1.1 Host controller 11
    0 29 2 8086 265A 1458 265A 0C03 USB 1.1 Host controller 5
    0 29 3 8086 265B 1458 265A 0C03 USB 1.1 Host controller 9
    0 29 7 8086 265C 1458 5006 0C03 USB 2.0 Host controller 10
    0 30 2 8086 266E 1458 AE01 0401 Multimedia Device 11
    0 31 2 8086 2651 1458 2651 0101 IDE Cntrlr 14
    0 31 3 8086 266A 1458 266A 0C05 SMBus controller 11
    1 0 0 10DE 0140 1458 3125 0300 Display controller 9
    2 5 0 11AB 4320 1458 E000 0200 Network Cntrlr 5
    2 6 0 1106 3164 1106 3164 0104 Raid Cntrlr 10
    ACPI Cntrlr 9

    Please help if you can, I have to get this thing working before friday... it has work to do!!!
  2. itgerald

    itgerald TS Rookie

    what is the name or model of your usb device?

    you have to state the type or model of your device to get replies, state lets see what we can do about it
  3. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    Reinstall your USB drivers:
    Navigate to Device manager, find a branch named "USB Controllers" or similar
    Right click the one thats the problem (or all of them if you dont know which), select Uninstall
    Reboot your machine and windows will autodetect the USBs and reinstall their drivers.

    Did you check for updated drivers for your plotter/cutter? is the problem only limited to that device?
    does it still work when plugged into another pc?
    tried different USB ports? including the one directly connected to your motherboard? If its a PCI card, tried using a different slot?
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