Use AGP or PCI slot for card?

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I need a new graphics card.My Mobo is an Asus P4S8x.While browsing through my BIOS settings(with a deep look of Puzzlement)I noticed I can set my Primary VGA BIOS to AGP or PCI.
Does that mean I could use a PCI-Express card? And if so would there be any advantage over using the AGPslot which is8X??


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PCI is not the same as say PCI-E 16x. Yes, you can put a PCI video card in there but it would not be PCI-E.

Just over a year ago I upgraded my mainboard and my processor. At the time PCI-E was just starting to hit the channel (and I was unsure of the technology). Given the limited amount of PCI-E video cards I decided to stick with something that had an AGP slot so I could use my 9800 Pro.

I absolutely regret that decision.

PCI-E video cards are now the norm and (in many cases) are cheaper then their AGP equivalant. Not only that, but the PCI-E cards are faster and there are more chipsets made for PCI_E then there are for AGP (ie x1800, and x1900 from ATI are not even available for AGP and NVidia only recently produced a 7800 card for AGP).

My advice????

Buy a new Mobo that has a PCI-E 16x slot as well as a PCI-E Video Card. The short term will be just a little more money for the Mobo addition, but I think you'll find it worth it. After all, as it is you'd pay a premium on the AGP card.
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