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Aug 23, 2007
  1. How do you create a User Account Startup Profile in Windows Vista? I want different user accounts to have different programs/services Startup on them. Anyone know anyway of accomplishing this?

    I tried Parental Control in the User Account thing of Control panel but it only allows me to specify which programs to allow the user to run. The program still attempts to run at startup and I get this annoying error (Parental control won't let you run this program yada yada yada).

    Anyone know a solution?
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    It didn't help. But I learned how to enable UAC on Limited accounts and not on Administrator accounts by editing a registry key. I thank you for that. But you didn't really answer my question.

    Can you create a different list of programs to start up for each account (no matter if it is guest/Limited/Administrator/etc.)? Can it be done?

    I saw some forum where someone asked this question in relation to Windows XP SP2 Startup and he received the reply "To make a profile for each user account". What the hell does this mean? Could someone tell me?

    Is it possible for windows Vista at all?
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    Under User Accounts there is a section called "Configure Advanced User Profile Properties"...

    Look here:

    Please know that I am not running Vista. I am pretty good at performing Internet searches using Google. Other people are not so good at this ;)
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    I can't really understand to use it. When I press Configure User Account Profile Properties in the "Family" account I will see the profile "[Computer_name]/Family and all I can do is edit it to be "Local". I can't do anything else. The option to edit it to be "Roaming" is greyed out. On my other two accounts is similar. There are no options to create a new profile or anything.

    Also in the explanation for what these profiles are it explains that they are for saving User Account settings and allowing them and the parent account to be used across several computers. This is completely opposite to what I want.

    I want to create several profiles; one for each account; to be used on 1 PC. I don't want to create 1 roaming profile to allow me use an account on 7 PCs.

    I can't believe Vista doesn't have an option. I might try and Google "Configure User Account Profile Properties" later and see if I come up with anything useful. As of now, when I Googled it, the preliminary results were quite poor. I couldn't find anything of any relevance.

    Anyways thanks for trying so far. I would appreciate more help if you can give it.
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    God, when I Google "User Account Startup Profiles" all I get are my post and some other dude that asked it and never got a response from 2004. I can't believe no one knows the answer to this.
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    As I said before, I don't have Vista installed. We are all volunteers so we do the best we can
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    Forgot to check this.

    Tmagic650: I do not blame you for you lack of knowledge. In fact I really thank you for trying. Seriously. You don't even own windows and yet you're trying to help me.

    That's not the point. I'm sorry if my anger seemed to be directed at you. It's really directed at Microsoft. I have just bought a €2200 PC from Dell. Dell I find are the best computers you can get that you don't build yourself. So I'm not blaming them at all. The hardware is excellent. I just can't believe Windows Vista contains no option to set up separate startup profiles for different user accounts. And if it does it's well hidden.

    In other words, €2200 and you can't perform something that I would consider extremely simple.
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    I will be loading Vista Business within the next month or so. I have slowly upgraded my hardware to accomodate Vista. I just need to add another 1GB of memory and I will be set
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