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Jun 1, 2004
  1. there is a setup at school that requires users to login to a machine when they would like to browse it. How is that setup? when i try to do this on my home network, the user textbox is grayed out, and guest is in there.
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    The actual setup depends on the version of WinXP that you are using, as well as what the file server is running. Most likely your school is using some sort of domain controlling server, which isn't that hard to do, but can be painful at times.

    Also, depending on your XP setup, you need to be sure you don't have the files set up for anonymous access, and have told it to allow access to users of your computer only. Then be sure to set the file permissions for the user accounts that you want to have permissions to use the files.

    If you can provide more details about how you browse to the files, it might help us instruct you how to set things up.

    Tell us how you browse to these files from the desktop, as well as what you see on the login screen. Include information on the login prompt- Do you just put in USER, PASSWORD? Or is it something always like thisdomain\USER, PASSWORD?

    Hope this helps, and let us know.
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    I usually use it by typing the computer name (\\computername \) Then i get a login prompt, username and password. You don't have to type domain\username, just your username will do. I know for a fact that the network is a domain.
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    Keep in mind that XP Home cannot join domains.
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    XP Home cannot join domains, per se. However, with a little clever setup you can access many of the provided resources. I've had mixed results with those tactics though, about half and half as to wether or not the machines can access the file shares.

    Almost universally, you can get it to auto login to the exchange system.

    For real bonus fun, on occasion it'll autologin to the domain web server. This is hit and miss amongst all machines, it does not correlate with the file sharing.

    Now, a note about the domain sharing: If the machien is logged into the domain, you don't have to reprovide the domain credential because you're already in there. But depending on the machine's account, and the permissions on the files in question, you may have to log into a different userid to get it to recognize.

    I'll piddle around at the office, see if I can figure out how to trick your system into working.
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    Xteq still has that "program".

    The only problem is that it doesn't truly join you into the domain.

    Using this clever hack though, you can access domain network shares 95% of the time. There are still some times when the server will peg you for it.
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