Using a faster cpu fsb on slower mb?

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Nov 13, 2005
  1. I have an asus p4s333 board that supports 2.4cpu and 400fsb. I have a 2.4 533fsb that I`m trying to get installed on this board so far it will post but get error that frequency is wrong. Does anyone know how I could reset the frequency to run the faster fsb? ron :eek:
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    It says on the asus site that it has an adjustable fsb up to 200mhz(800fsb), so it should support 400, 533, and 800fsb cpus.
    If you can get into the bios, your cpu should be set to a 133mhz fsb(533fsb quad pumped) and your cpu multi should be 18x. You could try the fail safe defaults, or the optimal defaults option in the bios and see if that helps.
    What core is your cpu that won't work? The board supports williamette and northwood, but not the newer prescott core.
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    Just tried all your suggestions but still can`t get past post? :confused:
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    Do you know what core the cpu your trying is?

    Do you have the latest bios installed?
  5. simmie

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    faster bus

    I don`t know what core it is and I`m not sure how to update bios since I can`t get windows to load. A newbe to the tech world. :D
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    If you can get to the bios, usually it will say something while it's booting like press alt +f4 to enter bios flash utiltiy, which is the program to flash the bios. The mfg should have bios's on their site, and you'd dl it and put it on a floppy, boot up, and enter the bios flashing utility, and then flash it. If you don't know what core you got, the only way i'd know to check would be by the part number on the cpu itself or by running a program from windows(which you can't do).
  7. simmie

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    Floppt drive

    I have tried to boot to dos but my floppy drive is not regonized. I have tried different ribbions and even another drive both which were working in my other computer. Also my cpu fan won`t work but I cheched it on a another board and it worked fine. I tried different power supply with same results. Is it possible my mb is bad? All connections are hooked up just as the manual says. Last resort I will buy new board.
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