Using CD writing software on a different CD writer??

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I had a CDRW that I replaced with a CDRW/DVD+RW.

The software that came with the DVD does not do CDRW's,
only CDs.

Can I use the software from the first drive to do CDRWs on
the new one?

One other question - the CDRW software with the first
machine was B's clip gold. I found that other PCs
couldn't read CD's or CDRWs written with it, and that
it wouldn't read CD's/CDRWs written on other PCs.

Is there a different software out there that I could
download to do CDRWs on this new drive?

I'm building a new machine with XP Home, and will
be moving the DVD to it.

I will reinstall the CDRW into my existing machine and
keep it operational.

I'd really like to find a software that I could use on
both to write CDRWs that other PCs could read etc.


The new one is a Sony, and came with NTI software,
both to make CDs (not CDRWs) and DVDs and CD+RWs.
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