Using memory with different CAS latencies

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Jan 19, 2007
  1. Will my computer suffer any adverse effects from using memory with different cas Latencies? Also, will I be able to SLI graphics cards with non sli ready ram? Lastly, when a motherboard says its memory standard is ddr2 800 does that mean you MUST use ddr2 800 or are you allowed to use something like ddr2 677
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    1. No it shouldn't. Let's say you have one stick of 2.5-2-2-2-2 and one that's 3-2-2-2-2. In that case they'll both run at the lowest timed of the two (3-2-2-2-2), but some motherboards may have some problems with it. In general it's best to get memory that have the same timings.
    2. The type RAM you use should have no effect on your ability to run two cards in SLI.
    3. That means that the motherboard will support memory speed up to 800Mhz. No you don't need to use 800Mhz memory.
  3. HPCE_Larry

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    What is the advantage of SLI ready ram? I'm planning on using the evga NVIDIA nForce 680i platinum motherboard. I have checked to find RAM that it was compatible with (its picky) and am curious how much of a difference SLI RAM will make.
  4. Jesse_hz

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    As far as I can see there are no real advantages to gain from using RAM that is labeled as "SLI Ready". Just make sure the memory you are buying is compatible with your motherboard.
  5. F1N3ST

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    SLI Ready RAM unlocks special latencies and tweaks on the 680i chipset boards :)
  6. Jesse_hz

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    No it doesn't unlock anything, it just makes it possible for compatible motherboards to boot the ram at the lower timings, but if your motherboard isn't compatible, you can still set those timings yourself so I really don't see the need for it.
  7. HPCE_Larry

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    I checked around a little and it will make a difference on the motherboard i'm using. The Nforce one deffinitally does have things that are unlocked by using SLI ready ram because it is made by the company that invented SLI technology, nvidia.

    Another question, how much of a noticable difference will there be between ram with a cas of 4 and ram with a cas of 3? And what would be faster, ram with a cas of 3 @ 677mhz or ram with a cas of 4 @ 800mhz? Presumably I could always OC the mhz.
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