using the "My Backup" folder after system recovery

By wamderlust
Apr 9, 2006
  1. After having to do a recovery with backup recently, I now have the oem version of windows, including the 'My Backup' folder, which was of course created during the recovery. It seems that everything in this folder is what I originaly had in my 'C' drive/partition. Now, the question is, can I replace everything in 'C' with this data, or can I only pick out the data like pictures, music, install files. Or, can I repleace the whole enchilada and have everything back to the way it was before I had to recover?
    Thanks for any help!
  2. bizz

    bizz TS Rookie Posts: 21

    i dont even have that it said it would save my stuff and i cant find it anywhere.. the memory is like it was but i have no stuff
  3. wamderlust

    wamderlust TS Rookie Topic Starter

    search for a folder called "My Backup", or anything "Backup", use Start>Search etc.
    if that does not help, there is a program called Acronis Disk Director, this prog. saved my hide more then once. I believe that prog., or another by Acronis can recover lost data on a harddrive. Search for 'lost data recovery' on the internet, often times when you thought u may have lost everything, such software can actually recover it...look here
    good luck!
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