Using xbox 360 media center with XP

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Jan 30, 2008
  1. Ok, just curious if anyone has had this problem but I have been trying to sync up my xbox to my PC and cannot for the life of me figure it out. I am using windows xp and I have followed all of microsofts instructions regarding windows media player 11 and still my xbox cannot read the pc. When I try to view my PC from the xbox it says that I will need to enter a key on the PC, which I am never prompted for. Any ideas?
  2. SOAD

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    dont you need media centre edition xp or vista?
  3. Try this, i'm not sure if it's the same thing MS is telling you to do or not. Ignore the fact that they are Vista screenshots, you can do exactly what it tells you in XP and the title says XP anyway. I got my PS3 synced with Vista and XP :p
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    well here is the site with the instructions on how to do it, if anyone feels like trying and letting me know how they do that would be sweet.
  5. Did you read the link in my post?

    Click 'try this'
  6. killthetraitor

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    gotchya sorry, didn't see that it was a link, but i'm pretty sure thats what I did, but i'll give it a whirl again
  7. killthetraitor

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    I think the main problem that I am having is, is that the xbox is giving me a key to enter somewhere on my pc, but on the computer I am never being prompted to enter one, therefor the xbox keeps telling me to enter one.
  8. Umm well, i'm not too sure. With the 360 can you search for media servers like the PS3? Thats how i get mine connected. If not, i would suggest ringing MS or something. Sorry i can't really help anymore.

    *If you google around a bit more than i did you should find something*
  9. killthetraitor

    killthetraitor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the help:)
  10. M0R0NI

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    Are you using a wireless connection? If so the key it is looking for is the key for the security on the wireless connection. Look for the encription key of your wireless set up and then try entering that.
  11. SOAD

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    um hello i already said you need media centre look here

    what you do is go into media centre and click on add extender, then it brings up then number that u need to enter on your xbox


    explain if you are trying to use zune or if your just have WMP 11
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