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Utility to measure historical of memory usage...

By franklogus
Oct 14, 2004
  1. Hi all !
    I would like some hint about to get some program (freeware/shareware) with which I would can to measure – creating a historical - the use of physical memory of my PC. I know that are lots of freewares that can measure the CURRENT usage of memory (normally by a tray icon)… But I would like some specific program, which could to create a log file (a historic of usage); one program as FRAPS, for example… I need to know if my current amount of physical memory is enough to run some games that I like (racing games – F1, rally, touring cars…), or if it is a “bottleneck” of my current back-up system … I could not to find any program with these characteristics over the internet, so far …
    I just got my new processor to my back-up PC, and I think that, sometimes, running some games, the system show some hiccoughs (and it SEEMS, for me, a bit different of frames’ drop down caused by limitation of power in cpu or video card…).
    It’s a consensus that how much more memory, its better; but my doubt is: Can I to run some racing games (F1 Challenge, Colin McRae Rally 4, Race Driver 2), with reasonable quality of image (as 2x AA and 2x AF), without these eventual “hiccoughs”? Would it be caused by a limitation of amount of physical memory or, perhaps, by a limitation of my CPU / Video Card? I would like to hear some opinions about, because I am far from to be an expert on these matters…
    As a comparison, my “main” PC, which was built recently, do not shows these “hiccoughs”; it’s a better PC, more powerful, with more memory, but, anyways, should not have so much better performance, comparing the two systems….

    My current BACK-UP PC basic spec is:
    Processor – P4 2.8 GHZ 533 Mhz
    MoBo – Asus P4SDX
    Memory: 512 MB of Kingston DDR333 ( 2 x 256 MB)
    Video Card – Gigabyte Radeon 9600XT
    Storage – Main HDD – Maxtor 120 GB ATA 133, 8 MB Cache, 7200 rpm
    - Slave HDD – Seagate 40 GB ATA 100, 2 MB Cache, 7200 rpm
    Midia: 01 Drive of CDR-W (LG) & 01 Drive of DVD (LG)

    My current MAIN PC basic spec is:
    Processor – P4 3.0 GHZ (HT) 800 Mhz
    MoBo – Asus P4P800E-DeLuxe
    Memory: 1.024 MB of Samsung DDR400 (2 x 512 MB)
    Video Card – MSI Radeon 9800PRO
    Storage – Main HDD – Seagate 200 GB SATA 150, 8 MB Cache, 7200 rpm
    - Slave HDD – Maxtor 40 GB ATA 100, 2 MB Cache, 5400 rpm
    Midia: 01 Drive of CDR-W (LG) & 01 Drive of DVD-RW (LG)

    Any additional information, about known programs with these features, as well some hints/tweak about to give some boost on my back-up system, would be very appreciated !
    Thanks in advance !
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Assuming you are using XP..

    Go to Administrative Tools, Performance.
    Add a new counter log, name it whatever you like (right click, new counter settings).
    Click Add counters.
    Select the performance object to be the memory.
    Select whatever aspects about the memory you want and click add. You won't see the added counters immediately.
    Close the Window. You see what counters you have selected.
    Use the logging and schedule tabs to set up your monitor in any way you like.
  3. franklogus

    franklogus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Thanks a lot, Nodsu!
    Its exactly what I was needing... I didnt know that XP had these features - GREAT HINT, buddy !!
    Best Regards, and txs again!
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