Vaio laptop keyboard connection question

By erp1949
Aug 29, 2006
  1. Hello All -

    I've replaced the HD on my Sony VGN-T170P. I need advice about tucking in the ribbon cable for the keyboard. There is a small opeining 2 inches x 2 inches through which the ribbon is supposed to go and then tuck into a connection on the mother board.

    Ribbon is pretty short and I can't seem to get my fingers under the keyboard to tuck it.

    Also there is a light brown plastic piece attached to the connector. It doesn't seem to lift (as I read in another thread), so I believe I'm just supposed to push the ribbon cable into place.

    Is this correct?

    Any tips on how?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. erp1949

    erp1949 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I Got It!!!!

    Right after I posted my call for help, I played with different postions of the keyboard and found a way that I could reach.

    The light brown thing rotated, but did not disconnect from the connection. Instead, it rotated 90 degrees up. I slipped the ribboncable in and was able to reach in and down to press the brown latch back 90 degrees to hold the ribbon in place.

    Yipppeeeee!!! The "restore" disk is working as we speak....

    I hope someone else will find this posting useful.

    In a way ...... all I did was ask for help, and the solution showed up.

    Cool how the universe works sometimes.

    Best to all.

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