Vanta LT problem

By FriendlyDog
Mar 28, 2003
  1. Hi!
    I need some advice.
    I am having problems with my customer's NVidia Vanta LT card.

    After fresh installation of XP, the computer would lock up as long as such applications as Sounde Forge or camera software would start. After about 15-20 seconds system comes back but display settings become 16 colors and 4 bits.
    I've got a message about nv4_disp.dll after restart.
    Download of the latest detonator drivers didn't help.

    Her is an interesting fact. If I remove the adaptor from device manager, it is perfect upon restart. First, it autodetects as Standard VGA adaptor but it says that device has a problem because no driver was loaded. If I don't proceed with the drivers installation, it still works they way it is supposed to.
    But in XP I keep getting prompts to update the drivers, and it accepts only NVidia ones. Right after that I observe the crashes described above.

    The only way that i was able to fix the problem was to disable the display adaptor in the device manager.
    Even when it is disabled, I still get all the colors and the rest works fine, even the camera and capture drivers.
    From what I understand, it doesn't load nvidia drivers, that's why it works.
    So, my question is: why does it work while being disabled and giving me troubles when enabled and all the drivers are installed?
    Are there bugs in nv4.dll and nv4_disp.dll (this one is not in the system anymore,I was able to install the card without it)?

    Is there any way to make it work?
    I would really appreciate any respond.
    Please, e-mail me :
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