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Nov 19, 2006
  1. Can a VCD or a SVCD be made on a pc that only has a cd burner or do you have to have a dvd burner? My brother inlaw wants me to get a bunch of videos off his pc that his kid downloaded, while I'm there for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't think he has a dvd burner. I would like to know my options so I know what to bring, as he lives an hour away. Any ideas????Thanks in advance for any knowledge.
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    Yes a VCD is a video CD and SVCD is super video CD. They are made using the standard CD-R's

    Post back if you need any more help with creating one.
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    Thanks for the reply. So this task can be done with most burn software? I know my version of Nero will do it , but it came with my DVD burner. Thanks again.
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    Going to take a while without DVD Burner where you can just fit 4.7GB to 8.5GB as the CD can only hold 650 to 700MB. You could over burn video but with certain media and hardware.
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    Software that came with his computer or burner should be able to do burn VCD and SVCD.

    I think the problem is not burning as VCD or SVCD its getting the source videos into the correct file format. VCD has to be mpeg1 and to follow standards needs to be a certain bitrate and resolution with specific audio properties too. Same thing with SVCD but mpeg2. Unfortunately this is the same with dvds too so even if you had a dvd burner the problem wouldn't be solved.

    Hopefully they have a dvd player that can read divx/xvid.
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