VCR and PC--Are they incompatible?

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Jun 13, 2005
  1. Hullo All--

    I'm shooting a movie with a home camcorder. The shooting is ok, and the camcorder is relatively good, so I'm not worried much about quality, even though I need to edit desperately.

    I'm also a little strapped for cash, so anything could be helpful.

    I need to know if it would be better to attempt to hook the camcorder to the PC or to hook a VCR playing the tape into it. I also need to find decent editing software.

    How might either of these be accomplished without breaking the bank?

    Thanks for any help!

    Aravia :hotbounce :hotbounce
  2. Nodsu

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    You need a device that can accept video input in your PC.

    As for the editing software.. Define "decent". I am sure you do not mean some real video editing tool like Avid here :p
  3. Aravia84

    Aravia84 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So do I need a device and cable or just a device?

    As far as editing software, when I was in school, we used a software that had a few choices of cut/fade work, could put clips of video pretty much where it wanted to, and ran video and audio separately so that you could work audio. This is about all I need, and the cheaper the better. I'm decently technical, so I don't mind user interface difficulty...

    Aravia :hotbounce
  4. Grok451

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  5. Aravia84

    Aravia84 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The only problem with this is that I'm getting all sorts of info on how to connect your camcorder directly to the computer or how to output to a VCR. What I need is something that simply send the info from the VCR to the PC.

    What is your recommendation? I'm off to Best Buy or Radioshack soon, and I need to at least act like I know what I'm talking about... :cool: :monkey: :bounce:
  6. momalyd

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    i might be wrong, but if you have a graphics card with s-video port, you should be able to connect the vcr via a scart cable with a s-video connector at one end. i was told by a work friend that they do it that way all the time. them you use some video converter program
  7. Vinodkumar

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    What you need is a video capture card to send information either from a VCR or a camcorder to a PC. A capture card will typically have separate audio and video in jacks. All you need to do is to connect the audio-video out jack of the VCR or camcorder to the a/v in jack of the video capture card with a/v cables. Then start the video capture software and turn on the VCR or camcorder. You should see the video in the capture window if you have configured everything correctly.

    I hope this is what you wanted to know.

    As for the editing software, it is possible to get some editing software with the capture card when you buy one. Almost all capture card manufacturers supply some basic editors with their cards.

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