Verifying DMI Pool data....

By rtantri
Jan 23, 2007
  1. Hi Everybody
    I have ended up with a hopeless situation with one of my Pentium 233MHz
    Mobo. After the initial memory test & IDE device detection process comes the
    "Verifying DMI pool data .... " and the Mobo freezes there. You wait endlessly
    and nothing happens. Tried everything from Resetting configuration data, disabling/enabling external/internal cache, setting to default/optimum BIOS settings - none helped. Finally I interchanged my other Mobo's BIOS ( of similar type Award - PCI/PNP 586 ) and viola! And the problem shifted to other previously working mobo. So now I have the culprit. But the dilemma is how do I Flash the BIOS? Because it does not go beyond that Verifying.... message. Only after that does the BIOS look for boot data in a HDD/FDD or a CDROM and boots the machine accordingly.

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking You
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