Vertigo on a IBM Thinkpad T41 Laptop?

By thomascane
Jan 21, 2008
  1. I have a question that one of you may be able to answer easily.
    I have a Thinkpad T41 (type 2373-8RU) that has two problems:

    1. It takes 4 to 6 attempts at pressing the start button to get the system to boot.

    2. Once it boots and launches Windows it runs perfectly until I move the computer -- then it freezes. The screen blinks and sometimes a scrambled display is shown. The power is still on, the fan runs, the "power on" light is lit and the battery indicates it is charging -- but the computer will not run.

    It must be re-started.

    I've tried an external monitor but that freezes also.

    Is that something that you have seen before?

    I wondered if it was overheating -- so I cleaned the cooling system out. No change.

    I have changed the CD-DVD ROM, both RAM modules, the hard drive, and removed the modem daughter card.

    I installed a fresh OS and video drivers -- run Windows XP and Windows ME. I even swapped the CPU (from a broken T43).

    No improvement noted from doing any of the above.

    One clue: I read that this laptop has an accelerometer of some sort that shuts things down (parks the hard disk heads?) when it senses it is falling.
    Maybe that system has become over-sensitive and every little wiggle sets it off? Perhaps it is suffering from a bad case of vertigo?
    In that case, is there a setting or something in the BIOS that shuts this feature off?

    Thanks for any input you have.

    Tom Cane
  2. Nodsu

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    The hard drive protection system is not supposed to crash the system. The HD is stopped for a couple of seconds and the machine will become responsive again if the movement stops. Also, this wouldn't affect starting up the machine.

    How much do you have to "move" the computer to make it freeze? Does it die when you shift it around on the table? Or when you lift it carefully with two hands? How about if you do the usual thing and try lifting it from one front corner?

    Do you have the latest BIOS and embedded controller firmware installed?
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  4. BethanMc

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    I have almost got the same problem. It started yesterday at about 8pm and the laptop kept crashing, I finally managed to keep it on for an hour without crashing but after not using it for about ten minutes it crashed again so I just turned it off and gave up. After about a hundred attempts today I have been unable to boot up the laptop at all. It turns on but the 'ibm thinkpad' screen does not come up, instead the laptop beeps three times and then you can just hear the fan and nothing happens. I have noticed over the past few days the fan seems to be louder. My dog also knocked my laptop off of a table about two months ago which I thought wouldn't do it much good but it didn't even crash, continued working perfectly and has never been a problem until yesterday. My laptop doesn't leave my living room and I would like to get it fixed ASAP as I need it for my assignments. What would be the best thing I can do? Should I take the laptop to a repair shop to be tested?
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