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By Hitomii
Sep 4, 2007
  1. Hi im new to these forums and im hoping sum nice people may be able to solve my problem. Ive been a wow player for just over 2 yrs now and never had any fps or preformance issues up untill over 1 month ago when they last patched the game. My fps are ok untill i hit crowded areas and raid in 25mans fps will drop down to 3 to 5 fps and stay at these fps. Pre patch my fps were fine in these situations. I know i should really post on the Bliss wow forums but loads with same problem have alrdy and if ure a wow player reading this well u know how blizz are when it comes to customer help. Anysway ive run numerous spyware programs defraged drives had comp running on minimal processes turned ingame gfx settings to low you name it ive done it and all have failed in mking my fps problem go away. My system i know isnt the best out there but here goes my specs are:

    Windows xp service pack 2
    AMD athlon XP 2400 + 2.00 ghz
    1 gig ram 2x 512mb sticks
    Sapphire x1650 pro 512mb agp x8 card running on drivers catalyst verion 7.4 that came with the card upgraded to latest 7.8 ones and it made no difference what so ever.
    2x 40 gig drives not sure what speed etc all i know they always done me well in preformance.
    Aol broadband connection top range connection they do.
    Power supply is 550 watts

    Side note when this problem started i had a radeon ati 9600 pro gfx card brought the sapphire card 4 days ago as i believed so much it would solve my problem what a silly person i was:blush:

    My system seems run fine though i dont have any other pc probs ie errors or anythink like that or any isp connection probs my latency in game is never above green colour. What i think and hoping will solve this problem is upgrading to 2 gig ram Only other thing i noticed is while wow is running my cpu usage is like 90 to 95% not sure if this normal as ive never had any fps problems in wow with this system setup untill like over 1 month ago it started. Im saving up for a new rig will tk me bout 3 months worth sorting prob out or grin and bare it till new system i get built:) ?

    Hoping sumone out there will have sum info or tips or if upgrading to 2 gig ram will sort the prob and thanks in advance to any replys :bounce:
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