Very frustrated! Nonstop problems with this DVD BURNER!

By madmetal ยท 7 replies
Dec 24, 2006
  1. I have a LITE ON 16X DVD+R/+RW DOUBLE LAYER DRIVE with a 8.5 GB Data Capacity, 4 hours video and 2,000 songs.

    The program I use is Nero 6 to burn my DVD's. The problem is this product is not working properly.....

    When I burn data onto a DVD with the DVD burner, it works perfectly fine. But when I make a video DVD, hell unleashes.

    I burned myself some episodes of Smallville from season 6 (current season) and after 100% when the DVD tray opened with my DVD, I got an error. No real explanation other than it could not be complete. No it wasn't that I went over the file size capacity or time limit which I had my movie resized so it could fit onto the DVD which then was read as 3.6GB when the max for the CD is 4GB. I put the DVD inside my DVD player, and only the menus worked as well as only 2 minutes of my DVD. No it was NOT the file format. I added a plug-in to enable burning all movie formats.

    On my other computer with Nero 6 with the same plug-in worked perfectly fine with the same videos and no this not not a problem because of my blank DVD's.

    On my computer I TRIED burning Legend of Drunken master, but something else happened. After [about] 25% after Nero is done reading the movie file and getting ready to burn onto the DVD.... it won't burn! No, the program Nero did NOT freeze on me because I was able to press "Cancel Burning" and click "Back". No, it wasn't that I was un-patient after seeing the status stalling at 25% for 2 hours. Yet, this also worked on my other computer.

    Then I completely "restarted" my whole entire computer to a fresh new start. I then re-installed Nero, it's plug-ins and stuff. When I tried burning DVD's, the exact same thing happened so I didn't need to re-install Nero nor do I beleive the "Nero" DVD burning program is the problem.

  2. raybay

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    Have you downloaded and installed all the Nero updates for that model from their web site?
  3. madmetal

    madmetal TS Rookie Topic Starter

  4. raybay

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    I suspect that is what you needed, but to be sure, you should compare it with the sets (there were a lot of them) on the Nero site.
  5. mr coffee

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    HI Madmetal

    I think I can help you solve your problem. Lose the "Nero mega-plug-in pack" and down load just the codecs you need from Mausau nero plug-ins page.

    The "Nero mega-plug-in pack 1.0" package is defective and causes all kinds of hard-to-run-down errors which is why Softpedia hasn't pulled it yet.

    The "developers link" on the Softpedia download page goes nowhere. This is a poorly tested kludge of codecs by amateurs and has nothing to do with Nero's development team. I believe it came originally from a warez site.

    If you want proof it is defective - try running Nero Wave Editor. Load a wav or mp3 file. close the program with the file open. You get an error message "instruction at 0x0......referenced memory at "0x0...." click close to exit. Remove the mega-pack, it goes away. reinstall it comes back. It causes a number of errors that cause a variety of memory overload symptoms that are really hard to run down. And memory overload problems really can screw up DVD burning.

    I think you're right it's not Nero. But I don't think it's your burner either. Try it and let us (and especially the jerks at softpedia who don't want to pull it) know. Of course maybe there really are some bona fide software developers out there who made this package up who will reappear to fix their baby. But I'm not holding my breath.
  6. raybay

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    Typical of a bad burner. Trade out to a different burner and see if your problems go away.
  7. mr coffee

    mr coffee TS Rookie


    madmetal already said:

    Why would you advise madmetal to do something hard that costs a fair amount of time and money FIRST (exchange the DVD burner) trying to fix a problem that is very likely software (he said it burns data fine) when it is easy to check the software issue and costs MUCH less in time and money?

    Makes no sense. Or did you recommend the Nero mega plugin pack in the first place and are embarassed or something? I don't get your post.

    That is the problem with the Nero mega codec pack (it loads all this stuff into the c:\commonfiles\audio plugins and nero dutifully loads every one of the suckers). Then you get these hard-to-run-down errors memory errors, even in systems with a goodly amount of ram and virtual memory space. It MIGHT work if you had 4 gigs of ram - I dunno. I've got 768 megs, which is pretty typical for XP machines these days. The Nero mega codec pack causes wierd errors with Nero programs that load the codecs and plugins. Do a search - the mega plugin pack originated from a warez site and is trouble.

    Try removing the pack and see if the "burner" problem goes away. If it does, you can manually install a single transcoder you actually need at the moment and may be able to get by. You could try removing all the ones you don't need from that folder and see if you can get it to work, but if you want to burn DVDs there are freeware solutions that work well and use your Nero burn engine (which is actually pretty good). Try something like DVD Shrink using the re-authoring settings. I don't have double-layer, but it works fine and is easy to understand.

    Make sure your working directories have plenty of room, although I think you probably already thought of that.

    Best Wishes
  8. tipstir

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    Liteon computer optical burners aren't so good, NEC OEM are better. Memorex Optical Retail Burners are very good ..
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