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Feb 11, 2006
  1. :zzz: I have a new PC running windows xp home, but shutting down window takes for ever. The longer windows has been running the slower it is to shut down. I will be very grateful if anyone could tell me why this is happening and how to fix the problem.
    Its a P4 3.4ghz with 1gb of RAM and 6800GS video card, I'm also using Norton antivirus software.
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    I would think that has a very important part in your problem.;)
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    There are Registry edits that can be made which will speed up the normal shutdown time. But it sounds like your shutdown is not normal, so we can look at these edits after your shutdown approaches normalcy.

    Use the following link to go to Microsoft Download Center and download and install UPHClean (User Profile Hive Cleanup), which will force programs to close when you log off or shutdown rather than have the OS wait the required time for the program(s) to respond to shutdown commands. For example, the OS can be waiting for systems on the network to respond, when you are not even part of a network. Thus the OS waits the maximum allotted time for a response which will never come.

    Check the following in the Registry:


    In the right window pane, confirm that the Dword value for "CLEAR PAGE FILE AT SHUTDOWN" is 0. If it is set to 1, change it to 0.

    The 1 value will ensure that the page file is emptied at shutdown. Now you may wish to do this for security purposes to avoid the possibility of passwords being inadvertently left in the page file, but it will cost you 25 to 35 seconds more in shutdown time.
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    if all else fails, disconnect the ethernet cable -- this will for a TCP error and close all connections. Count to five and then click shutdown :)
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    I'm writting a programme for personal use and for a few friends that creates a menu system and you can chose a variety of ways to crash your computer. It can shut down (unorthodoxly) a computer in a under a minute but theres some hitches so could be a while. I also haven't managed to make a function which achieves the old blue screen of death. I'll send it to you when I'm done.
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    At last !!! a program that will crash our computers.That`s what we`ve all been waiting for. :confused:
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    please sent it immediately to all of your friends -- they need your help :evil:
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    still no luck

    thanks for all your replies, I have tried most of them but still no luck (not sure about the crashing program though!) I installed UPHclean but it didn't seem to help. I timed my shutdown, after clicking turn off computer it takes 2 minutes for the shutdown/restart screen to come on and then just over 2 minutes before it stops. How slow does this sound to you? Ill appreciate any further help.
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    To give you an example, when I hit the "turn off" button, it takes less than 20 seconds to shut down. You are taking over four (4) minutes. You may have some unwanted spyware/malware on your system. How about posting a list of your antispyware programs so we can review and make some recommendations? Also, do you have, and are you familiar with HijackThis? Once the system is clean, we can start hacking away at your startup program list, running services and processes.
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    try the Shutdown, and wait 30 seconds, then hit <ctl><alt><del> to get the
    task mgr. Investigate for any program shown (Not Responding)
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    Thanks again for the replies

    Before today I haven't used much antispyware software I have only been using Norton. I have just installed and run the following: CCleaner, Lavasoft-Adaware, Spybot-Search & Destroy and windows defender I also ran Bitdifender online scanner. They didnt find a single thing!

    I also tried <ctl> <alt> <del> as suggested but nothing was shown not responding.
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    I still think it would be advisable to download and install HijackThis, run a scan, save a log file, post it as an attachment in the Security Forum, and let some experts look at it for you. Go to the following link for instructions:
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