VGA cable question

By D-MaC
Nov 7, 2004
  1. Heres my problem: I have an lcd monitor, and at the end of the video cable vga or w/e there seems to be a short, i'm getting a yellow picture but if i sort of bend the cable near the adapter the yellowish picture goes away and back to normal.

    Heres my question: How hard or how big of a pain would it be to replace this cable? Also would anyone have a link to a website where they sell these cables.
  2. Nodsu

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    I assume the cable is permenently attached to the monitor and not removable just by unscrewing it..

    It is just as easy as opening up the monitor (and thus voiding the warranty), unsoldering the wires if there is no plug used, soldering the new cable (to the plug or PCB) and closing the monitor.

    You can buy a VGA cable from any computer store - you would just have to chop off the plug from one end.

    If you are not comfortable with DIY then better leave that job to some professional.

    Also, are you sure it is the cable? Maybe you need to fasten it properly to the adapter or the adapter's plug is bad?
  3. D-MaC

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    Well i sopose its possible its the plug, but its more like when you bend the cable near the plug and play with it that the picture returns to normal.
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