vga to dvi problem

By sysyphus
Nov 7, 2005
  1. I've been using a dual head graphics system for some time. Previously I had a couple of Sony monitors each with VGA inputs plugged into my GeForce4 and the DVI output on this card has a DVI to VGA converter fitted. This all worked fine giving me the large desktop I wanted under XP Pro: 3200x1200.

    Recently I decided to treat myself to a couple of new screens to replace the aging monitors.

    I got a pair of Formac Xtreme 2010s which are fitted with integrated DVI cabling.

    The DVI output of my graphics card works fine to the new screens but when I connect the VGA to DVI connector (made by Belkin), all I get is a blank screen (I think the power led on the panel comes on monetarily but then goes off again.)

    Both companies involved have so far failed to acknowledge by request for help.

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem or has any idea how I can rectify this problem, for example, perhaps there is another make of convertor that is known to work.

    I've also tried this with another PC that has a more modern graphics card, an NVidia Quadro FX540, but this shows the same problem with the VGA output head.

  2. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    I'm pretty sure you can't convert from vga to dvi, but a dvi port can convert to vga if the dvi port is a "dvi-i" port.

    Here's a rundown,
    dvi-d, dvi digital only, would support a digital flat panel.
    dvi-i, dvi digital + analog, support digital flat panels, as well as analog monitors.
    dvi-a, dvi analog, only supports analog signals.

    Your graphics card likely has a dvi-i port if you can use an adapter to connect it to a vga(analog) monitor, and a vga(analog) port.
    In this case you cannot connect more than one digital display to your card.
    Since your monitors can't take analog signals(or can they, some have vga inputs too), you'd basically need a dual head dvi video card to run that setup or a second pci based card with a dvi output.

    Your converter is likely made to convert a vga port to dvi-a, analog dvi, which your monitors probably don't support.

    Here's the cheapest dual dvi agp card I found on
  3. sysyphus

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    thanks vnf4ultra.

    I expect you're right. I bought an adapter which is made by Belkin which has a male VGA and a female DVI, and presumed it was for solving this problem.

    I now think this connector is for DVI to VGA conversion, even though the connectors seem to be the "wrong" gender.

    I agree that a VGA connector on the panel would have been nice but unfortunately these Formacs only have DVI (actually they have integrated DVI cables, which I personally thing is bad design: If the cable gets damaged it would need the panel serviced rather than just the cable replaced, but that's a story for another time...)

    I can't find any information that says what kind of DVI these panels have :)

    re: the solution of getting a dual-VGI head. If I was running just one PC this would probably be the answer. But I currently share one screen via a VGA-KVM switch between 2 PCs and the 2nd screen plugs into the DVI port of my main PC as part of the big desktop on one PC.

    The 2nd machine is only a week old and I don't think my company is going to stand for buying another graphics card for it (or both PCs!) and another (DVI) KVM switch too.

    At the moment I can only think of losing my big desktop and having 1 screen plugged into each DVI PC socket, with the KVM just switching the kb+mouse

    Anyway thanks again, vnf4ultra
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