vgasave service+display

By gnarlbob
Feb 27, 2004
  1. hello all-

    I`m running Winxp on a Biostar board (m7vit pro) w. via kt400/vt8235 chipset (Award bios), amd 2200+ cpu, 256 ddr ram, and a rage fury pro/xpert 2000 ati video card(agp).

    I can`t utilize the open GL,directdraw,etc. in gaming because the windows vgasave service is loading itself on startup(display properties/settings/advanced/adapter/properties/driver.reads: Vgasave (as service name) VGA Display Controller as the display name.I know this is the default for windows when no display adapter drivers are loaded on startup.The problem is it shouldn`t be doing that because Windows is seeing the video card and installing it automatically after I remove or disable it in hardware manager. The card is "working" because my display resolutions,colors,etc. are okay. I`ve updated and re-installed chipset drivers, then new Ati display drivers, even reinstalled windowsxp os.Here`s the killer-I put in an old Providia Trident PCI card with drivers ( after windows already found and installed it first) and I end up in the same boat-Vgasave service running. It won`t give the display any resources ( VgaSave is using some of the same I/O and memory range as the cpu to agp 2.0/3.0 controller).I`m getting error 12 for the rage card(no resources).I`ve freed up enough resources to run the planet and they`re still sharing like good little boys and girls. Different monitor-nope. install chipset/video drivers in order-nada. I wish my A drive wasn`t working about as well as a three legged cat tryin` ta bury a turd on a frozen pond or I think I`d flash my bios!
    Can you get arrested for that?
    Anyways, what do you guys think, maybe if I paint my case?:rolleyes:
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