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Jan 9, 2007
  1. Instead of just going out and buying a Combo VHS-DVD player to record all the old VHS Movies to DVD, I got smart and bought an ADS DVDxpressDX2 video capture device for my pewter, this of course couldn't go well as would be expected so now I will explain my issue: I'm using ULEAD video studio 9 which came bundled with the video capture unit, the capture goes great other than the fact it's 1.5 times larger than a standard DVD+R disc can handle. It's recorded in the standard MPEG-2 format which is the only format to use for a standard movie I believe unless I use MPEG-4 like for an IPOD but I'm pretty sure that might be a little grainy for my 56 inch screen. Is there anyway to compress the video without loosing a whole bunch of resolution or going to a dual layer burner?? I've looked all over the net for an answer I thank you for any help with this in advance, caio.
  2. Jesse_hz

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    It's simple, either lower the bitrate or divide it into smaller parts. The manual for your capturing software should tell you how to do this.
  3. N3051M

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    if you're burning to native dvd-movie format (.VOB) then you look at the time how long the movie runs for. Most single layer DVDs can burn up to 2hrs standard/4hrs long play movies. If you want to burn as data (.mpeg, .avi etc) then you look at the file size.

    DVD movie formats you can use a variety of tools like DVD shrink, NeroVision/ReCode burning software or the Ulead (if it has) etc to make it.

    If you want to keep as data files, then yes try lower the bitrate or introduce compression of sorts. Otherwise, if you don't mind changing the format to something Ulead won't be able to edit (don't have the program, so i can't test if it can or not - just that it wouldn't probably) then consider converting it to Xvid or Divx format, which have better compression ratio, and i hear some new DVD players can play Divx on the TV.. although possibly look at playing around what compression % you feel comfortable with first.

    xvid/divx converter: Auto Gordian Knot
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    If you can't find an option to lower the capturing bitrate, just capture the video and author the DVD as usual. Then use DVD Shrink to fit it into a single-layer disc.
  5. scootek

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    Thanks fellas, that dvd shrink software is a pay-for site, is there a freebie available anywhere you know of?? Thanks.
  6. scootek

    scootek TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, I tried the dvd shrink which worked great, went to burn the disc and recieved the attached error, does anyone know what might cause this?? It all looks french to me...... thanks
  7. Jesse_hz

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    Are the DVDs you are using capable of being burnt at 16x speed? If not, then there you have the problem.
  8. scootek

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    Yep 4 sure 16 speed.........
  9. N3051M

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    update the firmware on your dvd burner. It could be that the current one you have doesn't support 16x on different brands.

    Otherwise set the burn speed to lower like 4x or 8x etc.
  10. scootek

    scootek TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you I will give it a try....
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