Via Chipset + Service Pack 2 Crash Horror

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Dec 21, 2005
  1. Just completed reinstallation of XP due to seemingly unfixable error with an ATI Radeon 9500 which turned the screen all fuzzy whenever I played a half-demanding game.

    Upgraded to a Radeon 9800 in the process ('cos it seemed like a good idea at the time, init?).

    PC works fantastic unless I install either Service Pack 2 or the latest VIA 4-in-1 and then it bombs before hitting the login screen, and the screen's all fuzzy again in safe mode. Frankly I can live without the latest 4-in-1 but will I survive without SP2?

    I scoured the forums for advice before doing the reinstallation and found what seemed to be a repair, involving Catalyst Uninstall, Via 4-in-1 install, .net framework install, Catalyst install and DX 9C install. It was running this supposed fix that led to the windows reinstallation 'cos it totally fried my PC.

    Any of you esteemed tech-heads out there thinking "been there, done that" I would so appreciate you giving me some pointers.

  2. jeffkrol

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    What error message at BSOD? Disable automatic restart in control panel:system:advanced:start up and recovery:settings. Do a normal reboot and report the error. Then try a reboot (f 8) and try VGA mode.
  3. Chipset Kid

    Chipset Kid TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Jeffkrol. Installed latest Via 4-in-1 to induce the problem and disabled automatic restart as suggested. Rebooted - Windows Logo screen then the monitor totally lost signal - "out of range" message on monitor. With "enable VGA mode" option it goes through to Windows okay but the screen is fuzzy. The best way to describe the fuzziness is that everything on the screen leaves an imprint, sort of like ghosting. So when you minimize a dialogue box, an imprint made up of a series of vertical lines is left in place. Can just about find my way to system restore to put everything back. Hope this gives some clues. Cheers.
  4. Arcanum

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    First of all what version of Via chipset do you have? (KT133, KT600, KT400 ...)

    If its older than KT 333 try installing Via 4 in 1 4.38 or 4.43, if it's newer than that install the newest Hyperion drivers (or 1-2 releases older than newest ones)- in both cases opt to upgrade ALL of the drivers - agp, ide, etc.

    Then reinstall Catalyst drivers for your 9800Pro, doesnt matter which ones, the ones that used to work would be good :) (try 4.12 to be sure, yeah i know they're a year old).

    Have you tried installing WinXP with integrated SP2?
  5. jeffkrol

    jeffkrol TS Rookie Posts: 65

    Boot to VGA should put you in something like 640x480 60hz. 8bit color.
    Your system shouldn't choke on that. Try memtest for your RAM. Also could download DRIVECLEANER
    to try to start over w/ video. You didn't report getting any BSOD's.
    Did you try a different monitor??
    Only times I've seen anything remotely like this is w/ on board video but then ghosting would usually be followed by a system lock up. It's like the video card and system ram not playing well together. Now that I think about it what was the first video cards problem and did you double check it by putting that card in a different system. Could be going down the wrong path here
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Its probably the video card overheating or maybe the cable connecting the monitor and card is missing a few pins. The latter used to happen to me before and the only way I fixed it was by buying a new monitor.
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