Video Adapter Problem

By redshark8
Mar 23, 2007
  1. Hi, I recently tried to upgrade to Windows XP Pro from XP Home. About half-way through the install though error messages started appearing saying it couldn't install particular files. Bcos of this I abandoned the install and kept Home edition as my OS.
    Now everytime I turn on my PC I have to unintsall and then reinstall my video adapters and drivers. When I reinstall them they work fine but its a real pain having to do this. When I access video adapters after start up it says 'Device cannot start. (Code 10)'. Once Ive reinstalled them ive tried to update the drivers but there isnt an update available meaning I have the latest driver. The Video cards are both 'Radeon X600 256MB Hypermemory'. I would really appreciate some help with this. Thanks!
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