Video Cameras and Satelite Viewing

By drluv
Feb 19, 2008
  1. Hi there everyone. I've got a small job I'm trying to do and was hoping someone here may be able to give me some tips.

    I've purchased some older commercial grade video cameras that have s-video outputs and have purchased a Plextor ConvertX™PX-AV200U digital inverter to interface them to my laptop which runs Vista and Win DVD Creator 3 software for recording. Everything works fine but now I'm being asked to set-up a live feed satelite viewing station some 150-200 feet away. I assume I can use the digital output of the Plextor and send it to a regular monitor but I'm not sure how clean it would be. Someone else suggested a Cat 5 type cable but I really not sure how to set something like this up, what type of hardware I would need, etc.

    I know I use a video converter/TV tuner I purchased a while back to change composite video outputs from some miniature cameras I use to a conventional computer LCD screen. This works pretty good but I'm not sure at all how it would work over such a long distance.

    Any advise you may provide would be greatly appreciated...

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