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Oct 31, 2004
  1. Complete novice, just bought a 2nd hand Sony Mini DV ( TRV10E ). Would like to buy a video capture card that will work this DV camera. Any recomendation on what card and software is good and what interface / interface cables are needed, what is the recomended minimum spec for the PC. Card must support the PAL system, based in South Africa.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  2. The Best Alias

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    Ifin it's mini DV you don't need a capture device, you need a firewire card. 100% better than an analog capture device since it's a true digital transfer. With the right software, you can control your camera's transport with your mouse. I'm a huge fan of Ulead products. Video Studio is about $100.00, easy to use, and will fill all the needs of an average user including DVD construction. I don't know of a particular firewire PCI card to recommend. By the time I crossed this bridge, I had a mobo that had firewire built in.
  3. drama

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    Thanks, will try and see if this product (Ulead) is available in South Africa. Would it be possible to use the build in Windows XP software to do the editing/capturing.
    Will keep U posted.
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    Yes, but naturally because Windows Movie Maker is Microsoft's software, you can't export to other than DV-AVI or Windows Media Video. And if you would like to create DVDs or (Super) VideoCDs out of Movie Maker's clips, you'd have to convert them to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 first, and that's just one extra converting step causing image quality loss. Better to edit with an MPEG-2-capable application right from the start.
  5. The Best Alias

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    You can down load Video Studio as a free fully operational demo for 30 days. you can also buy an unlocked version for download.
  6. drama

    drama TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks - will give Video Studio a try.
    Question, will any IEEE 1349 card firewire card allow me to interface my Sony Mini DV camera ( TRV 10E ) or should I check for a particular make and model.

  7. The Best Alias

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    Any firewire card "should" work, remembering you get what you pay for.
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    I'm interested in this issue as well...concerned re: imminent birth of son and want to do all of the right things ie: record it , transfer, edit it...add emotive music and burn to DVD.

    I have XP with 2 x USB one's

    I am getting a mini dv handycam with 8mg memory stick...the recording format listed is: digital tape MS, MS Pro, SD, MMC

    1)so what is my best recording choice?

    2)I'm not sure if i get a USB 2/a slot for a memory stick-pro, or a firewire card...

    3)and i 've heard you need to be smart with choices of DVD burner

    meanwhile i'm researching that u-lead idea

    thanks all
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