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Feb 3, 2006
  1. I have an Abit KV-80 motherboard with an on board 1394 port. I purchased the proper cable that would hook my digital camcorder to my computer. Once I hook it up Microsofts, video capturing softwares starts. I am able to control the camera through the software. When I press play the camera starts playing and i see video on the camera's screen but not in the preview window on my computer. When i press record to start capturing the video nothing happens. I have all download a couple of free or demo video capturing softwares and they all do they same thing. One of the captured about 1 second of video, than stops. I went to abit's website to see if there were any driver updates. None of the updates appeared to have anything to do with the 1394 port. Does anyone have any suggestions other than go and buy a PCI 1394 card.
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    no need for a new 1394 card.

    ms movie maker or others should have a option somwere to change previewing while capture thing,..

    what type of camera is it? model/make.. supprisingly enough some dvcams need some sort of drivers for it.. generic ones dont cut it.. see if there was a cd that came with your dvcam and see what happens if you install all the stuff there...
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    DV brand

    My DV Camera is a JVC GR-D33U. I don't have the disk so I will check JVC's website.
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    I found my CD's that came with the camera. One of them is ImageMixer 1.7. I installed it. It will start capturing video. I watch it for about 5 minutes and everything is fine. So I leave it. When I come back a few hours later it always says movie too short capturing cancelled. It a full tape and the counter on the computer screen shows over 5 hours of video but it never seems to "capture" the video. Any ideas?
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    ok.. a little wierd thing here. a short google trip and some research came up with two answers for you. Before i go to that i'm just curious if you've tried changing the setting on how it goes to 'standby' ie when you leave it alone it turns off to save battery.. was the AC mains pluged in while capturing? just sit there for a few minutes and see if it shuts off again.. don't bother with imagemixer.. that thing cant export anything else but its own version of mpeg2.. even if you can still watch cant edit.. just leave it there as the drivers come with it..

    Now. to my research results:
    1. this website..

    2. this article that might solve your problem (tho his methods arn't what you'd call normal....)

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