Video card and my monitor problem

By Ashcraft
Dec 2, 2005
  1. Well, just a couple of days ago, I got my RADEON 9700 Pro working after like 3 months. The video card was working just fine for like 3 days until this morning when I tried to turn it on. Everything turns on just fine, but the monitor wont turn on. I tried like 30 minutes to fix it, but nothing. I set the monitor cable back to my on-board video card and then the monitor turned on. I also noticed that it was still installed (does it matter if it was or not?)
    I then try to hook it back up to my newer video card, but still the same results. I don't know what the heck is going on with it because I was playing the computer last night just fine. I don't know what uninstalling drivers would do because the monitor won't even turn on with the 9700 Pro plugged in and I just don't see how (if it is) it is broken because I was playing it last night just fine.
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  3. Ashcraft

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    There's only one problem, the monitor won't even turn on. It's like it's in sleep mode and it doesn't want to wake up. I don't know how I'm gonna be able to do anything if I can't even see the screen.
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    Ok, I solved the problem on how to get the monitor to turn on. What I did was right when you turn the computer on, I have to keep pressing delete like I'm trying to get into BIOS and the monitor ends up coming out of it's own weird state of sleep mode. Hopefully I don't have to come back here again saying stuff like "How do you do this" or "Why is this happening". I really do appreciate the help from Rick and DonNagual from previous posts and helping me get my video card to work. Thanks.
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