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Jul 1, 2007
  1. hey. i have a emachine W2260 computer all factory (I'm also going to upgrade ram, audio, and power supply). I now want to use my 50" plasma (1366x768) by HDMI or maybe just S Video. I was wondering if certain graphics cards would make it wide screen so I don't have to keep it in 4:3 screen resolution on the tv. I'm not sure how expensive a video card I need. I mostly just watch videos, play DVDs, and some N64 emulator (since it is impossible to find a good condition N64 controller. I own the system and games). What do you guys suggest I get? I was thinking of maybe getting this

    That might be overkill though. Might not even work with my motherboard. Thing is, in a year I will be in college with a laptop so I don't want to spend too much since this PC will only be used for a little over a year.

    Thanks for any help.
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    The resolution can be set by your computer's operating system, which should allow you to select a widescreen resolution. I do not recommend the linked video card. Always stick to nvidia models that end in GT or GTX. GS designates a lower performance card than a GT or GTX model using the same GPU. Before buying any card, I would check to make sure your mobo supports it. For your purposes, any 6600GT or higher card would suffice. Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, and BFG are all good manufacturers, I would try to get a card made by one of these.
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    Or a, *cough*, GTS :D
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    According to emachines, your computer has an agp slot. This means the card you mentioned will not work, as it's pci-express. I can't find any agp cards with hdmi, but if you get one with dvi, then you could use a dvi to hdmi cable if you wanted to. Here's an agp card that's pretty nice.

    If your plasma has a vga(dsub/pc) connector then you could connect using that instead. Also, if you get a card that includes a component video breakout adapter(like the one I linked to, and many others), then you also could connect with component video instead.
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    Hell man, you could get a lot cheaper AGP card that would do just fine, anything in the GeForce 6000 series and higher will run your emulator fine (and probably 5000 and up), and all you need is a DVI out. Then that $8 DVI->HDMI cable linked above, I'm using one I picked up at monoprice and they work great.
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