video card for a HP 8668c?

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I have a HP 8668c with 256 ram and all the other default *componets. HP says I can't install a new video card. Can I? If so, what would work best? Or should I just ditch the system?

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I haven't encountered one I couldn't put a card in, though they were probably referring to an AGP card. You should be able to use a PCI Video card which IMO is better than the "shared memory" onboard junk that HP uses. However I would recommend a new system if that is a viable option Because you may run into problems trying to disable the onboard video. You may also have onboard sound and modem which would be even better reasons to use that system as a boat anchor.

Actually if you are comfortable doing so, I would say to build yourself a system. It will save money and you will know exactly what is in there if you decide to upgrade. If building isn't an option for you, I can refer you to some manufacturers who are very "upgrade friendly" There are also several companies out there these days who will let you fully customize a system, however your options are usually limited to two or three different options for each component but most do offer good brands of components.
I have an HP 540N and I installed an AGP card in mine. We had a different HP model at work that didn't have an AGP slot so I just put a PCI video card in it. They both work much better this way, especially for games obviously.

You might also want to install some more RAM while you are at it as that makes a big difference too.



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You have an Intel 810 motherboard w/integrated video. You don't have an AGP slot for an AGP video card, but you can put in a PCI card. Best card available is the nVidia GeForce4 MX420. You really have few other choices if you want to run current games/programs. It is a reasonably priced card. The GF2 MX400 is slightly slower & slightly cheaper.

I do agree w/Storm: time to consider upgrading. The 810 is dated & is falling behind fast. I also have one, so I speak from experience. ;)

We've got time & a MX420 will give you lots of enjoyment for awhile yet, IMO. :grinthumb


Oh, here's your specs:


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Port Type - Quantity
Available expansion slots

Video Graphics - PCI Local Bus
Controller - Intel 810
Video Memory - 11 MB shared system memory, integrated graphics; not upgradable.
What HP means is that, "They do not have an upgrade." But it is quite common to disable "on-board" ( integrated on the motherboard) graphics, sound, etc. Due to the age of this system, I wouldn't put alot of $'s into a pci card. Finding a GeForce2, Voodoo, or equivalent card will do nicely.

p.s. Thank JAV for doing all the leg work for you.


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Thanks guys

you guys are lifesavers. I don't have the money to totally scrap this system, so this will help enormously. If you can think of any more ways I can extend the life of this aging comp, let me know.:grinthumb


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How is the on board graphics card disabled?

I'm looking into the graphics cards currently, and I know I can install it, but is disabling the other card a hassel? I don't want to throw $80 away because I've got a card that requires a computer engineer to install. :eek: Any tips? Or a cheap site for mx 420s?

Got the time to burn.


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It's a piece of cake. Install the card, connect the monitor to it & boot up. Run the install CD that comes with it, go into 'Device Manager' & find the 82810 graphics controller & click on the box saying "Disable in all hardware profiles". Reboot & you're no longer using the onboard graphics & are using only the card. :grinthumb

Go to nVidias website after that & dl the newest drivers, install & have fun!! :cool:

If ya get hung up on disabling the onboard chip, lemme know & I'll try to guide ya thru it. ;)

The card *will* work w/the onboard still enabled (the monitor is thru the card anyway) but it can cause conflicts & it is best to disable it.




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video and ME

I hadn't realized the total amount that Microsoft can fully claim their for IQ points till I tried to install my video and sound cards with ME. Not only did it not work right, I had to burn all my programs off my hard drive and upgrade to XP or face going back to a reboot from my system disks.:dead: XP worked much better, (drivers better I guess) but it now didn't like my sound card (a phillips) and loved my video (mx 420). While I nearly cried, I did get it to look past the lack of total XP integration. HP is did little to support my computer apparently. They told me that XP isn't "supported" whatever that means and the same for video. :confused: Their programs were working about as well as a foot in a blender. I no longer trust HP and will never buy from them again. Should I still believe their claims of not being able to upgrade to a faster processor? Anyone got some good links to a site for exchanging chips in motherboards? My old intel 810 needs something more. I'll do some digging, but if you have a great site let me know. Anything close to the godliness of this site will work.:grinthumb

P.S. sorry for the length.


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Went ahead.

It appears that an 810 will handle quite a bit of upgrading. I've put a 950 mhz chip in to replace the 650 and put a heatsink with a fan on that. The video card works great now that I've upgraded to XP and the new sound card is a big improvement too. Having a few problems with my dvd player now. Seem to have lost the decoder software somewhere in the switch to xp. Anyone know a good free decoder or where I can download the one I lost? I'm gonna ask hp too. Thanks.


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After my last post, I completely spaced this thread. :rolleyes: Oops! Sorry.

Glad you got thru all the ME/XP bs. XP is buggy as heck, so I've been reading. Here's a place that seems to get a lot of the new drivers: Maybe a DVD decoder or ...

How ya like finally having good graphics & decent CPU speed? Big difference?

My Compaq 810E *should* support the same CPU's but: Compaq says no. Intel, as you know, says yes & on your HP > they were right. I was wondering if you still had the 650 & would be willing to sell it to me. If it worked on my board, then a 950 would too & I wouldn't have to be concerned with returning a new 950 that didn't work. Ya know. They are both FC-PGA, right?

Sorry again if I left ya hangin', but glad ya got thru it w/improvements. :D



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How bout a trade Jav?

Do you have a decent dvd program like win dvd or power dvd? Apparently I have a dvd program on my backup disk from hp, but I can't get at it because it doesn't register as a pavilion anymore. The decoder is totally gone and the best playback I can get is less than desireable from poorly made freeware stuff. I'll just flat sell it though if this is not an option. Let me know. More than willing to part with it.


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Forgot to mention the computer.

Sorry, I forgot your other question. I think that it is working much better, but I agree that XP is kind of buggy. I need to get that service pack that just came out. Graphics are a bit better, but I haven't had a chance to really test all the new stuff. The sound card is much nicer, I can tell you that. I do think that the board is limiting the abilities though. It could be much more powerful on a better 370 board. I envy those with AGP. I suppose an integrated 11mb agp was a good idea at the time, but not now.


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I wish I had a DVD disc to trade, but I don't even have DVD. :(

I've searched around & this appears to be a problem w/XP. Seems it doesn't support all DVD playback. :confused:

Here is a page from M$: It appears you have to buy an update for XP to play DVD's. The MP3/DVD combo is $19.95.

Would you be willing to part w/the CPU for $25? That should cover the cost of the MP3/DVD update & if for some strange reason the CPU won't work on my board (I'm pretty sure it will, hope, hope) then I won't be out a whole lot. :cool:

From some of the posts I've read, XP SP1 is buggy too. Vid driver slowdowns. M$ shoulda put "BETA" on XP 'til they get it fixed. I'm quite happy w/98SE.

I did envy the AGP guys, 'til I went to 3D Mark & ran my PCI card & passed a lot of AGP cards. Here's a comparison of my card/CPU vs other cards & same CPU:

3148 207%
NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200

3127 206%
ATI Radeon 8500

3124 206%

1519 100%
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 This is me, look at all the AGP & DDR cards behind me!

1464 96%
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440

1363 90%
NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS/Pro/Ti

1325 87%

1305 86%
NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra

1274 84%
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420

1267 83%
NVIDIA Quadro2/Pro

1250 82%
ATI Radeon 7500

1200 79%
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400

1195 79%

1157 76%

1098 72%

911 60%
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200

589 39%

570 38%

566 37%

Do you have Riva Tuner to oc the vid card? It is @ & if ya get it, I'll try to help you squeeze a little more out of the card. :grinthumb

I do have to say that having on-board graphics is a nice 'back-up'. Kinda like carrying a spare tire for the car. It may be a pos spare, but it'll get ya home. ;)

Lemme know if you accept my offer & I'll get a MO or send cash (your choice). :D


Click on PM & give me an email address. I have something ...


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I'm surprised!

That is some impressive speeds! Thanks for the tweeker for my card. Hey, which decoder should I look at getting? There are three different options, and I'm sure they are all workable, but should I have a preference? I'm actually expecting you to tell me they are all the same essentially, but you never can tell. I'll get you my mailing address ASAP.:grinthumb Thanks for all the help.


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Thanks! Kinda surprised my ownself. I run benches just to see how my system stands compared to other similar systems so I'll know where to tweek. I'm usually in the top 5% & that's w/a PCI card vs AGP's. I don't know how, but I am not gonna complain! I've run an OGL bench too & samething. :cool:

I don't have a DVD so I had to ask around. Power DVD seems to get the best reviews. I do have another M$ link for you tho'. Others may want to read the info there too:

MO went in the mail today. :grinthumb

You're welcome & thank you! ;)
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