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Video card freezing computer?

By kickincoolcait
Feb 1, 2005
  1. hi everybody,

    i'm a new member to this site, but i've looked for advise on here a few times before. i'm hoping you guys can help me again with my own question!

    over christmas break my brother got me that new roller coaster tycoon game for christmas that i needed to install a video card for. he gave me his old video card, installed it himself and everything. he's very very very good with computers, he's in college for computers so i trust that he put it in right. however, the next day my computer started freezing or restarting or turning off completely. we figured since this has never ever been a problem before that it was the video card, so we took out the card and it went right back to normal and worked perfectly. he said it had just overheated. so we bought 2 more fans on ebay and he put them in and then put the video card back in. well, this worked! it wasn't "overheating" anymore. so a month later here we are, and my brother has long since left back to college. so all of a sudden about 3 days ago my computer started freezing again (but not turning off or restarting...yet), so i figured it was the video card again. i removed the video card just as my brother told me to over the phone. this didnt work though! my computer still freezes at completely random moments, whether i'm even using the computer or not!

    sorry this was so long, but i would really appreciate it if somebody can really help me with this!
  2. UnluckyNelson

    UnluckyNelson TS Rookie Posts: 28

    Another problem...


    This sounds like another hardware problem entirely, it may have been caused by the overheating display card or not, you'll have to do some technical work here.
    There is only one way of solving your issue, (all pc issues can be solved with the right amount of time and effort!) you just need to go through the process of elimination. It might be one piece of hardware or software causing the issue or a combination of them. Think of it as a puzzle...

    1) Sounds like another overheating problem, run the PC for a couple of minutes (15 min) and touch the heatsink on the CPU... If it's too hot to the touch you have a problem... Do the same test to the Northbridge and
    Southbridge chips (Those big ones on the M/B)
    2) Check if there is enough heatsink compound between the cpu and heatsink
    3) If you have two ram modules, remove one, test, swop them, test.
    4) Remove all pci cards, modems, sound cards...etc. and test.
    5) And lastly it could be your M/B itself... if all above fails assume this (from a lot of experience with thousands of clients coming through my workshop)

    Good luck...
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