Video card is not recognized

By Pearlhouse
Apr 20, 2007
  1. I just did a clean install of win 98 on this Dell Dimension XPS R350. It was previously running Win 2000. The video was excellent at 32 bit. Now for some reason all I can get is 16 or 2 colors. Device Mgr says the display adapter is STD PCI graphics adapter [VGA]. The card that is installed is a Diamond Multimedia inc. -- Fire GL 1000 Pro. I have the drivers for the card but I think the card is just not being recognized. If it was Id be able to install the correct drivers. Ive tried removing the adpater in Device mgr but on a reboot it just wants to install the same VGA adapter. Ive gone into system config and checked around but didnt find anything even though I dont know what Im looking for. I did the system reset with the M/B jumper and then put all the settings bac to default.
    What am I doing wrong here???
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    Wait why did you go from Windows 2000 back to Win 98? Does the Video Card support Win 98, does it have drivers for that OS? You get 16 to 2 colors because of the driver isn't the right one or it go corrupted. It needs to be re-installed again.. Remove the old ones then install the new one.
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    video card not recognized

    Well its a weird story. windows 2000 was really messed up bad by the previous installer. I got the PC loaded with crap and who knows what else. Windows 2000 did not support the integrated sound. So I tried Win ME and Dell told me there were no drivers for the hardware available because the PC orginaly came with win 98 installed. So I believed them and reformatted and installed win 98 SE. After a lot more research I dis-assemled all the hardware and got all the model numbers and mfg's of the video, modem, NIC card. I did find drivers for 98 which probably would have worked with ME also. So now here I am, I got the modem installed but now the video is causing this problem:
    Yes the video drivers I have are specificaly for 98. Ive tried both ways, removing the device and rebooting and also "Update Drivers" but it wont except the drivers even when I lead it to there location on my HD
    I bellieve it has to recognize the card first under display adapters in device mgr first. Am I right or wrong.???
    I appreciate any help I can get here as this is taking a lot of my time for an old ancient PC that I promised to a friend.
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