Video Card Possibly Overheating

By littleman001
Nov 19, 2007
  1. Hello,

    About 6 months ago when playing a game my monitor would go black and my speakers would make this obnoxious squeal. Now, for the past month it would do it frequently, 2-10 times a day, so I decided it was something wrong with the video card. Before leading to this conclusion I first re-installed everything, and yes I still have the same problems. I updated it's driver and I flashed my BIOS to the newest version. Those seemed to not have worked.

    So today I felt the video card during normal gaming operations and it was really warm to the touch. I made this computer about 2 years ago myself and it never had this problem before, until recently. I have enough cooling, three 120 mm fans and I just added another 80 mm fan right next to the video card. The fan right underneath the video card seems to still be running smoothly.

    Do video cards start overheating because of the age of it, and is running a video card for 2 years taken a toll on it? Or might it be some other problem causing my monitor to turn off randomly during game play... sometimes when watching youtube videos this occurs too.
  2. nickc

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    if the most stressfull thing u are doing is watching youtube the video card should be fine in another 2 years but the whole computer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. also the video card will feel warm when normal.
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