Video card problem or power supply???

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Got a new computer about a month and a half ago from BBY, and bought a new ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP video card for it. I recently got Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and have been playing it with no problems until monitor starts to flicker and then it looks like the game has "melted" on the screen - everything seems to run just started happening and it doesn't take very long for it to start once I get into the game. My machine came with only a 250W power supply and I've been meaning to upgrade that, but I was wondering if these issues are related to the card or not???

My system:

Athlon XP 3200, 2.2Ghz
160GB Ultra DMA HD
8x Dual Layer DVD/RW
Onboard sound
ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Video Card

Thanks for any help!!


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yah your psu is quiet small I would upgrade to a 350 or even 400w. But that might not be all of the your problem. :bounce:


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I think the power supply could be the problem as well. If you decide to upgrade, i would not always look for wattage. I run this rig below one a good quality 300w PSU.

P4 3.1 GHz prescott
1 SATA 80 GB Maxtor
1 SATA 37.6 10,000 RPM Maxtor
8 Fans + 1 heatsink
ATI raedon x700
1 DVD-ROM drive
1 CD-RW drive

So it is not always the wattage that matters. A good quality 300 or 350 PSU will outperform a crapp 480w.

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Thanks everyone. I bought a 450W power supply that I didn't see on the "un-recommended" list and will give it a try. I appreciate the quick responses!



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I agree with most of them on that list but Raidmax but I like raidmax been using for years with no problem.
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Not power supply...

Well, got the 450W psu in the machine and still have the problems (and now it is pixelated all of the time - had to remove card and use the onboard video just to be able to do anything...). Is anyone aware of issues with the the ATI Radeon 9550? I'd be ticked if it was the video card since it was bought new with the machine...if, in fact, it is the video card, would I be better running an nVidia chipset card??? Any other recommendations!?!?!

Thanks everyone! I'll become a pro yet...


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Hey Jayman..

I don't know if this'll work, but when my moniter died last year, it started giving a 'warpy, wobbley' picture. If yours is a new moniter then it's probably not the problem, but it may be worth hooking up one that you know works, if you have one handy..

just a thought...
Video Card

Please consider doing the following:

1. Update your motherboard's BIOS.

2. Update your video drivers and the latest Direct X version (if your card supports Direct X).

3. Upgrade your memory (the games you're playing might be using much memory resources than you think).

4. Your system (along with the card) comes with a warranty. Check it with your supplier. The card might be defective.


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well.i think this could because of a number of things.first your card might be overheating check to see that by opening the case.also check for any interfierence around your pc something with a transformer in it could cause "strange" behavior like this.check your monitor on a different system and your system on a different monitor (if you have one available).check your agp settins in bios and see what speed the interface is running at,try running it on a slower interface.
conflict with the built-in video?

You did not specify what mobo you are using. If your board comes with a built-in video, you should disable it in you CMOS settings (just hit "Del" before your PC boots up to Windows) Most mobos however, automatically detect a video adapter card when inserted when you power your PC up). But is it an AGP or PCI Express video card?

One thing is that, does your card support Medal of Honor? Or is it capable of playing such a processor and memory-intensive game? If your built-in video is an Intel Extreme Graphics 2 or 3 then I would fairly say that it is good enough. Nonetheless, please consult ATI for game compatibilities and issues.
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