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Sep 29, 2003
  1. I have a Dell 4600 intel 3.0GHz. My OS is XP-Pro. Video card is a (OEM) Nvidia 64 MB GeForce4 MX440 card. Unfortunately I must run an old DOS based program that runs fine with Windows 98SE but not with XP. I partitioned the hard drive with a duel boot setup to run either OS. That works fine except the Windows 98SE boot won't start in anything but SAFE MODE. No matter what I've tried I can't get 98SE to recognize the drivers. I did download the proper Nvidia drivers for 98SE but that doesn't help. In the Device Manage it has the ever present YELLOW ! that shows a memory range conflict. 00000000 - 07FFFFFF used by System board extension for ACPI BIOS. That is repeated for four differnt memory ranges. I also can't install (nor does it recognize the modem). Everything seems to point to the GeForce card. When I boot to XP=Pro everything works properly. Dell was about as much help as a "CRUTCH IN A SWAMP!" They could only tell me that perhaps that card doesn't work with 98SE in their computer.... wow.. how great is that with a new computer? I've about to just change the video card as I'm sick of trying everything else!! Any opinions? Any help will be appreciated..
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    Why can't you just run the program in compatibility mode while in XP? right click on your shortcut, and choose the compatibility tab, then select how you want it to run.

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    Unfortunately the program won't run in any of the compatability modes in Windows XP. Therefore it must run in Windows 98SE... It's a very old program that was custom made but is still required for my business............ thanks
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    Windows 98 and 98SE must be installed in the active primary partition on your first HD (meaning C-drive) for it to be able to start.

    To get W98 to recognize your internal modem, you must first use the hardware-wizard and "add new hardware" for COM3 and COM4. Then reboot and W98 might recognize the modem at startup. If not, use the hardware-wizard again to detect and install your modem. You may need to install the modem manually. At any rate get W98-drivers for your modem before you start installing.

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    windows 98

    98 amd XP are on the primary partition and are both bootable. The problem is that 98SE will only start in VGA 16 color mode. It won't recognize the drivers provided for 98SE from Nvidia no matter what I've tried. I've done all the standard fixes and install procedures but nothing. I get a message that says "your display adapter conflicts with another device in your computer. I removed the modem, audio card and it still says the same thing. The device manager shows a memory conflict and says this device can't find any free Input/Output resources that it can use. The memory is being used by the Systems board extension for ACPI BIOS at 4 addresses. This is NOT the case for XP as everything works fine. I don't have a clue how to correct the memory problem but I strongly suspect the video card is causing the problem. As I stated Dell tech was clue less. They suggested all the normal fixes but nothing has worked.
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    Does Dell use its own motherboard drivers? If not, have you installed proper drivers for your motherboard? I guess you can't disable ACPI either, that's usually the case with new motherboards..
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    I think Dell does use its own motherboard drivers and such, maybe search dell's site to see if they have 98 drivers for your system...

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    Looks like Dell uses their own drivers but unfortunately doesn't list any drivers for using Windows 98, SE or ME with the 4600! They do show that Windows 2000 will work with my system. I believe my old DOS based program will run under Windows 2000 so I'll probably get a copy of that and install it on my partitioned HD. At this point in time anything is worth a shot! I supose O could go to Intel to see if their are other chip set drivers that might work but frankly I don't know enough about it. Might just make things worse............

    The amazing part is that tech help from Dell on a brand new computer is a total joke. They are clue less and if the technical info isn't on the computer screen they're looking at then it's worthless even talking to them.
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    Yes most tech support is worthless, at least that's what I have found.

    But fortunately when TS went down the Planet tech support was great.
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    Fix - remove ACPI driver, add Plug-And-Play

    Had this same problem, eventually found that the answer was to:

    1) Load the entire Win98 CD-Rom onto the hard drive. You'll need it later, when the CD-Rom drive gets disabled.

    2) Download the Intel Motherboard Drivers for Win 98 - I think they're last found in the Dell Dimension 4500, but they'll install just fine on the 4600. Install them.

    3) Go into Device Manager under System Devices and remove the "ACPI BIOS for System Board" - it will ask about testing this removal, and the machine will crash. It's OK.

    4) After rebooting, you'll have a minimum system - no CD, no USB, no nothin. Go into Device Manager and Add Hardware - choose "Pick items from a list", and select "Plug and Play - Intel (Failsafe)". It will ask for where the Windows 98 CD is, point it at where you saved it to the hard drive.

    5) Now reboot, and the system will go find all the plug-and-play devices like CD-Rom, USB, Video, and so on. Reboot again when finished.

    6) Now you can install the video driver and all should work fine. (At least, it did for me.)
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    sis 630/730 problems for breed pc

    can eny one help me i keep getting this error saying buffer depth cant be created when i start breed ive updated my card but it dose not help
  12. The problem here is the ACPI BIOS. Run the Win98 setup and reinstall the OS as follows:

    D:\WIN98\setup /p i
    This will pass a string to the installer forcing a non detection of the plug and play BIOS. Win98 will then use the APM BIOS and not ACPI.

    After this you should install your motherboards chipset drivers, folllowed by graphics card drivers, then any others.
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    Oh my God Caravel...THANK YOU. I have been pulling my hair out for two days trying to figure this one out. I have a ATI 9250 I have been trying to load onto a 98se install. (for an old game) NOTHING was working till I saw your post.....THANKS!
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