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Dec 1, 2003
  1. HELP PLEASE, I have a frankenstein computer, made mostly from, with the help of a few guys at work(see my profile?). Originally, I had the ASUS V8170 Series Video Card that came with the motherboard. Recently bought a new video card for another computer im workin on gettin runnin, only to find out that the other computer doesnt have an AGP slot(its an older dell system, figure...). Anyway, we got the ATI Radeon 9200 SE card the other day in the mail. I installed it, both hardware and software. Worked fine the first time...Then next time I went to start the computer, the monitor wouldnt turn on...So I unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in. This happens every time now...A fellow worker suggested I uninstall the ASUS Display Driver, which I did just today. But still no go. Is there an issue here? Also, a few times when I start the comp, It starts in safe mode, and in the bios, it automatically highlights the Advanced section, and under that the line item 'System/PCI Frequency 100.0/33.33'

    It also says somethin about how on the last boot the system hung on an improper frequency combination... If anyone can shed some light on this I'd be greatful...
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    I can't see on the specs of your mobo if it supports 8X AGP.
    The new graphics card does, and there may be settings in your mobo BIOS to bring it up to 8x AGP.

    Definitely ALWAYS un-install old drivers before you put anything new in (unless it is an update of an existing one).

    Also check that the graphics card is seated properly ( might have wobbled when you uprighted the PC after inserting that card)
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    Video Card Problems

    methinks it can only hold 4x. If thats so, can I configure the card so that it only outputs 4x, or should I just x the card and use the old one. Would that be a problem? Oh yeah, I also hear a few beeps when it starts up (I think 2 short and one long). And when I am playing Need For Speed: Underground, every once in a while I hear a beep, but no error messages show...
  4. mhopeck

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    And, a guy at work says that it might be because the video card and audio card dont generally like eachother, and the irq shouldnt be the same. I just checked it and they are both at do i change this? Also, the only way to get the card going again is to turn off the power to the supply first, and then start the computer...any suggestions?
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    The Radeon 9200 is agp 1/2/4/8 compatible, so should work in your computer anyway.
    The beeps (1 long, 2 short) indicate a video problem. See if you can maybe set that ATI to 4xAGP with a jumper or dipswitch (don't know the card).
    Unless you have onboard sound, move the audio-card to another slot and see if that improves things.

    If you don't mind, re-install the OS from scratch and make sure to configure it as a Standard PC instead of an ACPI compliant one. Standard PC's have less problems with IRQ's (but also have less IRQ's). If you don't need them, disable your COM1 and COM2 in your BIOS before you install.

    You may also want to update your BIOS to perhaps solve any graphics card issues.

    Soooo much to do.....
  6. mhopeck

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    Thanks man

    Thanks man, unfortunately, I dont know as much about this stuff...but I do know that the board is APCI, which I guess would be the problem since I did move the cards around, but to no avail. But short of reinstalling the OS, I think i've tried most of all that except the jumper/dipswitch idea, but thats over my head. But thanks for takin the time to help try to remedy the situation. For now I'll just use the old one...Figures, tho, since the problem originated cuz I bought the wrong card, I was sposed to get the PCI version for this other frankenstein I'm putting together, but I picked the wrong one...The PCI version was 20 bucks more man, that sucks. Thanks again...
  7. RealBlackStuff

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    In your BIOS, what system/pci frequency are you using?
    You can't change the pci/agp frequency independant of bus speed, except for the pci divisor of course.

    Did you overclock your CPU? if so set it back to the standard as per your mobo-manual.

    Just read somewhere that ATI cards don't like to run on an out of spec mobo.
  8. mhopeck

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    I believe when I checked out the system/pci frequency, it was at 100. 33.33, if that makes sense? No I didnt not overclock my cpu, cuz I don't know how. so everything is set to the default in the mobo, except I changed it to Plug and Play OS, cuz it was previously set to No...
  9. RealBlackStuff

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    Set it back to NON Plug-n-Pray
    Your setting 100/33 = OK

    If you can change them in your BIOS, do NOT shadow the BIOS and do NOT shadow the VIDEO-rom

    Once it is up and running again, you could try again to uninstall the ASUS video-drivers and put in the new ATI (dont install the ATI drivers yet, just see if it goes (it should!)
  10. Krugger

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    this will sound funny, i know. go back to the ATI Catalyst Drivers version 3.7
    3.8/3.9 have been trouble for monitors. in fact they supposedly killed some monitors (rumoredly) by feeding them improper refresh rates. either way, the issues didn't happen in 3.7, so if you can get back in your system i'd try those.
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