video card replacement for gateway m675 laptop

By ssupra96
Sep 20, 2006
  1. I have a gateway laptop where the picture has a bunch of lines in it like the matrix movie. it doesnt show binary code or anything but a bunch of lines everywhere. sometimes u can still see the image, but even then the color is dimmed also. I have been told its the video card that needs replacing, but i really dont know how to do it. its probably not that hard, but i dont know what it looks like on a laptop -vs- a desktop. any help? any help at all? lol!!!
  2. N3051M

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    ooo.. laptop.. maybe a bit tricky there..

    Basicaly, do you have any experience opening a laptop? Laptop and desktop is somewhat different, since desktop has more easier access to fix stuff..

    If its under warranty then send it off (easy way out) just make sure you backup your data beforehand..

    I can't determine from the laptop specs if the video was onboard or card.. if its onboard then you won't be able to do much except change the whole motherboard.. maybe if you're lucky and if its hardware fault then it could be just the LCD screen thats stuffed..

    but thats if you want to perform surgury on it :)

    What other steps of troubleshooting have you attemtped to do? how did you come to the conclusion of the video adaptor being at fault?
  3. ssupra96

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    really, i havent done much troubleshooting on the project. from the looks of things, my screen seemed fine. but the way it looked, repetetive icons like, triangles would be in columns with spaces inbetween showing the image. or, there would be black lines showing on the screen w/the gateway logo and other things you can read. sometimes the screen looked like red dots had formed all over the screen. what would a lcd look like after something like sun damage? I know discoloraton would occur if near a magnet or something right? I'm just not sure what it might be now. I truly havent trouble shot the idea yet. I took the laptop apart and it looks like its built into the motherboard. Got me crossed right now.
  4. N3051M

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    so the graphic artifacts apear before windows start and during POSTing too right?
    Yes i thought so.. it probably is soldered onto the actual motherboard.. you could look around for a replacement mobo but i won't have a clue where to look, apart from shops that specialise in laptop parts..
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