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Jan 14, 2006
  1. O.K., I am more confused than ever...I am trying to purhcase a new video card for my Dell XPS T600. The problem is that the AGP slot is version 1.0 and everyone is telling me that new video cards are either 2.0/3.0 compliant. Does this mean I cannot purchaes a new "in the box" card? I have had some people tell me that the 2X/4X cards are backwards compatiable with the AGP slot that I have. But, isnt there a voltage difference (1.5v/3.3v)? I hate to ruin my mobo by inserting the wrong card. Also, I have only a 200 watt PSU, could this also be a problem? I am removing an old 16MB video card and hope to replace it with at least a 64MB unit.
    Any help would greatly be appreciated!!!

    Computer Specs:
    Dell Dimension XPS T600

    Hard Drive-80GB
    OS-Windows XP Home
    Processor speed-600MHz
    AGP Slot-version 1.0 (Bus speed 66 or 133 MHz)
    PCI Slots-version 2.1

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    yeah, your psu would pose a problem for the newer card. What kind of card are you thinking of getting? I wouldn't really recommend getting any card that's better tehn geforce4 or ati 9700 because your cpu won't really be able to take the advantage of the card,plus your mobo and psu can't really take it either.
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    I really havent decided on a card yet...It sounds like I might be better off finding an older card somewhere. This is computer #3 in a WiFi home network that I am refurbishing for my 5 year old to play with. The old 16MB VooDoo 3DFX video card has went bad and was looking for a decent replacement. Maybe a 32MB or 64MB video card? Of course, my 5 year old is not a hugh gamer so I dont need anything current.
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    Ive got just the thing,
    i recently had a freind with a mobo that only took 1.3/1.5 volt cards.
    after researching i found the best option for a board like this, and especially for your machine, an Nvidia GEforce fx5500 is the best option, it runs on the 1.3/1.5 boards, and you can get it at newegg with 256 mb of memory for under $80!
    it is still a "decent" card, definatley a good upgrade for you machine, and you shouldnt need to upgrade your power supply.
    Good luck

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    80 is still a tad expensive for the old system that you got. I woudl suggest go to other big forums such anadtech or ebay and grab one of the used. YOu can score some good cards for cheap.

    I think just spend as least as you can to savage that system.
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