Video corruption when playing games

By Nest
Feb 8, 2006
  1. Video corruption when playing games, have to reboot


    Having recently solved a problem with my pc, a new one has surfaced. Whilst playing 3d games often the video display will become corrupted completely. The games are still playing in the background, can still hear sound etc. Sometimes, but not often the pc will then black screen on me and I return to windows to the windows has encounterd a serious error. I have a feeling though that these 2 incidents are not linked. I have tried reinstalling all drivers I can think of, removing USB keboards, brought a new router as thought replacing modem might help, all power off/hibernate settings on always on. Really have run out of things to change. Wouldnt be that much of a problem, but I only play MMOS so this really affects gameplay so much I Cant play anymore. At point of getting a new pc, but was worried it might be something to do with monitor. Any help greatly appreciated.


    edit: oops forgot specs

    pentium 3 3.2ghz
    2gig geil value ram
    x800 XT PE video card
    GA-8IG1000-g mobo
    sonic fury sound card ( have tried onboard, audigy)
    belinea 20" flat screen monitor
    U.S.Robtics DSL router

    Nothing overclocked.

    edit 2: PC just did its normal thing but this time no video corruption, just black screen. plugged monitor back in again. During this time i heard a single beep, then a few seconds later another beep. Was able to restart windows with nothing but black screen, ie pc was fine but no display.
  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    it does sound like a vid card or your monitor..
    try geting a friends/another pc's monitor or vid card to swap with (troubleshoot) and see what happens
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