Video driver installation?

By russfraz
Feb 1, 2005
  1. Hi All,
    I've finally found,downloaded,unzipped and extracted the driver that i need(trident cyberblade-my pics are grainy and off-color).It says to install,but i don't know how!It's on my desktop,just sitting there.(all my other drivers had the instructions).Any help would greatly appreciated.In the event that this doesn't work,could anyone tell me what the problem(s)might be?Thanks for your time.
    Windows 98,IE6
  2. Paul

    Paul TS Rookie Posts: 58

    Go to start /settings/control panel/click on system monitor icon,Go to device manager in the task bar,look for display adapters,click and open you wil see your video card in there,now click twice on this and then the properties of the video card will open,Click on driver up top,below in this box it will say update driver,click on this a box will open telling you "this is the update device wizard i believe,click below in the box next,click on with your mouse the second box which tells you a list of drivers,now a new box should open click to the right that you have a disk,in this box that will open pick browse and thenyou can direct to where you have the driver and click on to it,if its easier for you drag that driver to my documents or a other folder that you can call my update drivers,i hope you can figure this out,Take care.
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