Video Editing Needs (Question that needs solution)

By marcothy
Jan 16, 2005
  1. I coach football, and currently, we record our video digitally on 2 different cameras with 2 different angles.

    We also have a Landro system. For those that do not know, Landro is a digital video editing platform designed similar to a TiVo unit-but it allows you to break down video that you have stored onto it.

    Simply put, what we want to do is start burning our video to DVDs instead of VHS. We would like to use a computer to burn the DVDS since the HD will also allow us to store old videos as well.

    My questions...

    1) Is it possible to build a computer system with 2 DVD burners capable of burning 2 simultaneous copies. (We have to reproduce about 10 DVD copies)?

    2) What size HD and Amount of Ram do you consider necessary for this task? Keep in mind this is a bare-bones system-not necessarily a dream machine task hog.

    3) How quickly could a DVD burner burn say a 3 hour game film onto a DVD?
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