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Oct 10, 2006
  1. Now, I know TV is not real, but I watched Law And Order one night and saw a computer enhance a Low resolution video and It became crystal clear. My question is, do those programs exist? If they do, do they exist at the consumer level? If they do, where can I find one?
  2. F1N3ST

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    Haha, its probably 14 million dollars. But no they cant exist to that extent. If the image is 300 pixels wide, you cant do much more than zoom zoom, and make the image bigger, to my knowlege.
  3. cfitzarl

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    It would be really cool if they had something like that though :)
  4. rmdl51

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    Good you already know TV is not real, and many people know that otherwise we will be trying to hack computers just typing any nonsense like in the movie swordfish,(JK)
    I didn't see what you saw, but assuming that was a digital low resolution video, just the fact that you can't put anymore pixels where they just don't exist gives you the answer, I know there are technologies (like interpolated drawing) to improve images and video quality, but as far as I know they don't do a pretty good job, or maybe I'm missing some futurist tech that i'm not aware and someone can impress us.
    Besides, of course it will be pretty cool to have something like that. I just can't imagine to watch those webcam videos from some girls in a 42" HD plasma TV,lol. :D
  5. MetalX

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    The closest thing to that would be a video that is made to be say... 1600x1200 pixels and it is actually playing at 400x300 pixels. Increasing it back up to 1600x1200 would make it a lot clearer.
  6. N3051M

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    Yeh.. big video or pic played at a smaller resolution.. there's a trick..

    I think NASA has those types of tech.. since they use sats and all.. but they can afford them so yeh..

    If the pic was vector based i guess the PC can redraw those lines up but since .jpeg are just pics (forgot the actual name..)you can only see how many pixels are there.. at most even if you blow it up, and put it through some sharpening filters i don't think there's enough information on the screen to be able to redraw it into whatsit supposed to be..
  7. rmdl51

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    See, the funny thing is that the technology we are talking about is kind of complicated, or at least I mean require some time and a procedure to enhance any type of media, and the TV shows they just click somewhere and popup like it was that simple. Here, I like to quote stupid tricks of movies, The Firewall, harrison ford grab his daughter ipod to store bank accounts with the ccd of a simple scanner, come on!!! ipod can't be used as HD without a proper format and if you save a file you need a computer to specify the file name and directory not just a cable. However people that have no idea what are they doing believe is that easy. About the resolutions, if you are watching a 240x360 video and it's blurry, there's no way it will be clearer at higher resolution, a high resolution video 1600x1200 can be watched at 640x480 but it won't be blurry, by the contrary will be clearer! remember the far you are from the pixel the less you'll notice.
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