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By wolfius · 4 replies
Aug 16, 2006
  1. Sup guys, I have an NX7900 GT (Nvidia 7900 GT), 2 of them actualy and I've been facing a problem with a couple of programs like World of Warcraft, Playing Vedio on any program...the problem is that whenever I move in World of Warcraft the screen around me shows like it is rendering frame by frame but not slowly...this is gonna be tough to explain... ok imagain youre in a first person shooter or a 3rd view game and you look around you, what happends is for example if Im looking at a tree, and I go from right to left or the opposite, I see that tree rendering frame by frame but very fast it looks like its breaking...anyone got what I mean or knows how to fix that? and oh 1 more thing I installed the driver that came in the CD itself and I have a purple line on the left side of the screen...HELP!!!
  2. Rik

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    Are you using a flatpanel or a crt monitor?
  3. wolfius

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    My Monitor is DELL W2600 LCDTV (DIGITAL)
  4. Rik

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    That's a type of flatpanel. Flatpanels are limited on the refresh rates and on resolutions. You need to make sure you have a good driver for it as your graphics cards will produce outputs that it just cant handle properly. Personally, i prefer to stick to my crt monitor as it works really well for gaming even though its a cheap medion monitor that i got for £10.
  5. wolfius

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    So the solution is finding a better driver? if yes then I also need help with that hehe.. Im not so good with Hardware...I have 2 of those cards that I mentioned and its supposed to be some SLI thingy... where can I get teh best drivers for it? because my friend gave me a driver a while ago that fixed this purple line on the left but I lost it and I formatted my pc, when I went to Nvidia I didnt know from which part I should download my driver, there was a geforce and a quadro and some other stuff can you help me with that? thanks alot..and screw flatscreens lol I thought they are the best and I got this one for like 2000US$...
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