Video Memory Clock being wrongly detected (I think)

By MetalX
Nov 14, 2006
  1. My old videocard, ASUS N6800TD 512MB has been showing an incorrect memory clock. Before I got my new computer it was my main card, and it's in a spare computer now but on my main computer, it was always running at 325MHz core and 540MHz memory, or at least this is what rivatuner reported. Now, it runs at 325MHz core and 1080MHz memory. I thought at first that maybe this was because 540MHz was the SDR speed and the DDR memory made it 1080 effective. However, the memory is DDR2, not GDDR3 so I don't know how it can be running at 1080MHz, which means that 540MHz must be the real DDR speed meaning that 270MHz would be the SDR speed. Does anyone know why the memory is being reported incorrectly or if it is incorrect at all?

    EDIT: Even the Nvidia Control Panel overclocking feature reports the memory speed as 1080MHz
  2. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Topic Starter Posts: 1,388

    Nvm, it turns out my old videocard has been... well I don't exactly know what happened to it during production. But it turns out the memory which runs at 1080MHz stock goes all the way up to 1678MHz, and the 325MHz stock core OCs up to 520MHz... Believe me I don't understand WHY but in a comparison between my 7600GT XXX and my old 6800 at overclocked speeds, its faster than the 7600 so looks like I'm gonna return it...
  3. wolfram

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    Weird MetalX.... (I saw your PM BTW)

    But if I were you, I wouldn't return the 7600GT. You can try to overclock the 7600GT, and it may yield similar or better performance. Plus, the 7600GT has a newer, efficient technology than the 6800.

    Regards :wave:

    P.S. If you no longer want it, give it to me :p :p (NVM, my X850 should be faster :))
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